We Are Community for the week of December 14th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Probably no one uses or appreciates the United States Postal Service more than I do.  I am  “old school” and still mail bills, Christmas cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards and more.  I usually drop a half dozen pieces  of mail in the post office every evening.  One of the specialty things that I carry at Plymouth Rock Antiques is out of print books.  We have all kinds of local history and hard to find books.  I have gotten pretty good at finding strange and wonderful books on the internet and most of them come in good time through the USPS.  I ordered a book on November 19th and it was to arrive by December 1st even with the expected delays due to covid and Christmas.  It didn’t.  Those funny strips of long unrelated numbers that are stuck to the front of a package are tracking numbers and normally when something is mailed, you can track it so I decided to give it a try.  My book left Dallas, TX on November 19th.  On November 20th , it was in Austell, Georgia.  It left Georgia on November 21st and went to Glendale Heights, IL.  On November 21sr it was in Elk Grove Village, IL, pretty close to me.  Then on November 22nd it went to St. Louis , MO.  You will see that St. Louis is the major problem.  Finally on December 2nd, it was sent to Pittsburg, PA.  Why?? On December 3rd, it was sent back to St. Louis.  It left St. Louis again on December 11th.  Hope it had a nice vacation during both its stays  St. Louis!!   I got the book this week. It has now traveled to more places than many of us have.  It would seem to me that St. Louis needs to be looked at by the USPS.  Perhaps it was downsized before the election.

Worked in a couple of bike rides this week.  Warm for December.

Our family officially cancelled “Christmas” this week. It has occurred to me that those who live alone have a special problem of having no one to care for and cook for them should they become ill so we need to be especially careful.  Also who would feed all the  kitties and birds.

My kitties have decided that it is cold enough that they need to go into the heated garage for the night.  I must agree that it is easier for me to just let them have their way.  When I pull in from the store, it is not uncommon for all three of them to rush in when the door is open.  Lots easier than calling and calling them and having to carry them into the kitty house.

A group of people put up lights in the Plymouth Park this week. They are lovely and they are really appreciated.

As you know by now, I cane when I am not busy at the store.  It is a long tedious process and some chairs are much more difficult than others.  Well it was a slow week at the store so I finished the chair I was working on.  I post quite a bit on face book so just took a photo and put it on and mentioned that I had finished the chair.  I am really quite awed that with in a few hours, I had over a hundred likes and almost that many comments.  Had no idea that so many people were interested in chair caning.  Thanks for all the awesome comments.

This is not my usual “news” but a long time friend, note I did not say old friend, took in some stray kitties .  Today she slipped while feeding them and broke her arm very badly.  Lets all take a moment to sit down and write her a note to heal quickly.  Her address is Kay Curtis, 20581 E. C. R. 110 N, Kilbourne, IL 62655.  I am sure I would get an interesting text about this request but she cannot text as it was her right arm.  Lets show a little love!

Noted that Inez Quesenberry passed away this week.  She used to write the “Huntsville News” for the Scribe.  It is also my understanding that Larry Burton passed away today.  Our sympathy to the family and friends of both these folks.

If you take the Quincy paper, look for a nice photo of our Pastor Sheri Renner in the Saturday paper.  The article was about your favorite Christmas hymns.

Appreciated getting a call from a neighbor who had things to sell.  Since there are few auctions now, I appreciate the opportunity to purchase merchandise for the store.  Thank you.

Have a good week.  Stay safe.  Wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands.  All easy things to protect yourself and those around you.  Scatter Kindness.


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