We Are Community for the week of July 3rd, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 157

The big news this week were the storms that have ravished a lot of Hancock and McDonough Counties on Thursday and since.  I was in Quincy for a doctor appointment on Thursday and drove home in the downpour and wind.  I had no idea at that time just how bad the storms had been in our area.  I did know that when I came into Plymouth that there was a tree down in the road and soon learned that there were a lot more trees and limbs down in Plymouth.  Plymouth was lucky compared to Keokuk, Nauvoo, Macomb, Blandinsville and more.  Even as I am writing this on Sunday, there are still homes without electricity.  There was a photo on face book showing a grain bin tossed onto a house and many others showing trees on homes and damage caused by the storm.  We were fortunate that there was no loss of life.  Prayers for recovery from the storm.

For the good news, the roof on the PCCC is finished-not paid for but finished!  We are so grateful to Tri-State Roofing for the great crew they sent to Plymouth starting on Monday.  A brief attempt at conversation produced the fact that the gentlemen were from Honduras and that they did not speak English.  They were amazing.  They worked very long hours, did wonderful work, worked while I would not have wanted to be on a roof and more.  Tri State told me thy had been working for the company for nine years if I remember correctly.  We chose a metal roof that was not a standing seem roof so it looks like “it has always been there”.  We wanted to keep the character of a fine old building and I think we accomplished that.  Thank you, Tri- State.

I also want to thank all the people who have contributed toward the project.  I mentioned two memorials and two grants which we have received in 2023.  Obviously there have been more memorials and donations to the PCCC before 2023 and all are appreciated.  It does indeed “take a village” to keep up historic buildings and do work for the whole community.  Thank You.  Even received a check today and more are welcome!

Today the community celebrated Ralph Frakes 90th birthday.  There was a huge party at the PCCC for him.  Congratulations Ralph.

Todd Thompson passed away this week.  He was only 61 and was a graduate of Plymouth High School.  Our sympathy to his friends and family.

Had a surprise B&B guest this week.  She had planned to stay in Macomb but her accommodations had not been made ready so she called to see if I had a room which I did.  Think it was really a God wink as we hit it off immediately.

Getting older can be very difficult.  Met a long-time friend at Walmart and asked how he was.  Was very saddened by his answer.  His wife has Parkinson’s and dementia.  He has had two heart attacks and has serious blockages which cannot be repaired.  Said it was not how he expected his life to be.  When I ask you to pray for those who have loss or illness, we do not know all who need prayer so badly.  Please continue to pray.

Got two calls this afternoon from a lady who said that my phone number showed up on her caller ID.  I told her the first time that I had not called her and again the second time.  Scammers are able to “spoof” phone numbers.  I have called Adams and was told there is nothing which can be done about it.  Do not assume that a call is really from the number which your phone shows.  I have even gotten calls from myself!

Have a good week.  Enjoy the celebration of our nation’s birth.  Pray for the storm clean up to be finished and for power to be restored to all.  Pray for those who are ill and for those who have suffered loss.  Scatter kindness and love.


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