We Are Community for the week of June 14th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Our community has lost two wonderful ladies this week.  Pauline Green of Augusta passed on June 6th.  She was my best doll related customer.  She loved dolls and items used for displaying dolls like tables, chairs and more.  She loved to come to the store and when she could not drive had a driver bring her to the store.  I even delivered a nice piece of doll furniture to her home.  She will be missed.

Ella Mae Waddill of Plymouth passed on June 7th.  She and her husband Gerald were married 73 years.  How nice.  They have three daughters, Janet, Debbie and Lori.  Visitation was Sunday afternoon from 2-4 pm at Jones Mortuary in Colchester.  Memorials may be given to Hills Grove United Methodist Church.  Such a loss for our community.

Went to Quincy to stock up my antique mall booth on Monday.  When I got home I could not find my inventory book so all business ground to a halt.  Called the mall and, sure enough, I had left my book there so returned on Wednesday morning to get it.  Now business as usual.  Cannot tag items without the inventory number in the book.  Cannot post tickets with out the cost from the inventory book.  Will have to be more careful in the future.

If it were not for the kindness of a gentleman on Broadway in Quincy, I might still be there.  I was trying to make a left turn and there was absolutely no break in the traffic.  Must be partially caused by the bridge closure.  Anyway after being in the turn lane for what seemed like an eternity, a gentleman stopped and let me turn.  Thankful for the kindness of strangers.

I often have a chocolate yogurt at Sam’s but their yogurt machine has been broken for the last two months.  Instead of sulking, I  took the long way home through Kellerville and went to Homestyle Foods.  They have a soft serve machine and the lovely young lady who runs the cash register makes a really large cup of ice cream.  Then one can  sit at the table in front of the store and enjoy the treat.

Told you last week that I planted tomato and eggplant plants and that the rabbits really seem to like eggplants.  Went back to Bob Kessler’s stand and bought more plants and planted them this week.  Foiled the rabbit attack by putting large field tile around the plants.  Gerhard Jung suggested that I also dust them with sevin to stop the rabbits.  Will try that too as tiny black bugs also eat eggplant plants.

My flowers are really blooming this year.  Yesterday I had water lily blooms, new lily blooms, new rose blooms and more.  I try to put photographs on Facebook each morning of some of my flowers.  We need to share beauty and positive vibes on Facebooks and elsewhere instead of focusing on the negative.

Last week I mentioned seeing small birds following and attacking larger birds and that I did not understand this phenomena.  A friend looked this up for me and it is called “mobbing” and is a way for the smaller birds to defend their territory.  The call of the birds doing the “mobbing” can be used to locate a predator.  Interesting.

Though the temperature has been warm, the evenings have been lovely and star gazing has been good.  Try to get out and look at the evening or night sky.  I have to either walk or drive to a darker place or where there are fewer trees as my yard is lined with trees and there are street lights on all sides of my yard.  Not a problem as I love those trees!

Friday evening and Saturday, Pastor Sheri Renner, Donna Harrison and I “attended” the Annual Church Conference.  We met at Living Faith and watched the proceedings on the computer.  Not the same as being there in person.  Looking forward to next year when we can gather in Peoria as usual.

Don’t watch much TV but there was a program on ABC called “ Rebel”.  I don’t know if it has been renewed, but I did like the show.  Was based on Erin Brockovich and showed a family who  like many are in total disarray, but who through sheer perseverance  get great things accomplished.

Try to get outside in the evenings and enjoy the sunsets and the stars.  Look around you at all the blooming flowers.  Scatter Kindness.

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