We Are Community for the week of March 22nd, 2021, by Joyce Steiner1,


Usually start this column with those who are no longer with us.  It is always sad to lose friends and family and those who are important to us.  This week was no exception.  We lost Wayne White on St. Patrick’s Day.  Many of you will remember Wayne as the head park ranger at Argyle Lake State Pak.  Got to know him well during all the years we set up at the Argyle Gas Engine Show which you will remember was just wonderful when the flea market was under the trees.  Wayne also attended Tennessee School and was at our Tennessee school reunions.  Many will also remember that he wrote several books about his war time experiences and also about his Argyle Lake years.

Marilyn Torrance  passed on March 8th.  She was a fellow antique dealer.  She and her husband owned Farmer’s Wife Antiques in Terre Haute.  Lovely person.

A former classmate from Colchester high school, Gary Tilton, also passed this week.  He later became a police officer in Macomb.

All these people were special and all will be missed by those of us who knew them.  Please keep their friends and family in your prayers.

Since covid, have not gone to Quincy very often even though I need to as my antique mall booth always needs refreshing and cleaning.  Went Monday.  The Aldi’s in Quincy is in a very new building but it is now undergoing renovation.  Quite a mess.  Was crowded and congested.  Think I will just shop the Macomb store for the foreseeable future.

Though spring is here, we had a couple of days of chilly rainy weather this week.  One pan I use as a bird bath indicated we had about four inches total.  That really greened up the grass.  Have called my lawn mower person to get my mowers ready for the season.  My body can use the exercise associated with mowing.  Don’t need to get back those few pounds covid has been responsible for taking off.  My spring flowers are doing fantastic.  Have crocus, Lenten roses and daffodils in full bloom.  They are lovely.

Looks like Plymouth is getting some new residents.  There is a trailer backed up to the house across the street this weekend.  Also noticed different cars parked in front of a home just down the street.  Linda Bradshaw said that her brother and his family moved into Plymouth this weekend.  So glad that we are getting new families in our community.  Let’s welcome them.

Small businesses are struggling.  Social media is a good tool for communication with a pretty wide audience.  This week a friend put a lot of photos on face book showing what her business had to offer.  Thought that was a really good idea so I copied her idea and put 31 photos from my antique store on face book for the weekend.  Sold a pair of candle sticks that I had pictured and had at least two other customers come in because they saw the post.  Thanks to all who shopped with me this week.

I am not a newcomer to politics.  We all know about the political divide which our state and our nation are now enduring.  As a teacher, former teacher and a member of both the Illinois and National Education Association, I have been asked to support or oppose a lot of legislation.  We are aware that Michael Madigan controlled a lot of what potential bills actually got out of committee.  Now that I have solar panels, am more aware of what legislation is being proposed in relation to solar.  This week I received a notice from the Illinois Solar Energy Association concerning HB 1734 and asking for input regarding the proposed bill.  The bill is not friendly to either Illinois consumers or solar companies as it would limit who can install solar.  The bill strips the Adjustable Block Program which means there would be no support for customers like me to build solar. This bill also proposes that Ameren be the only one to construct, own, control and install  solar of utility scale, community and roof top.  Ameren is my utility company and I think they do a good job but competition is good.  What if there was only one car or tractor company.  What if there was only one grocery store.  Do you think prices would remain competitive if there was no competition.  Hopefully if this bill does come out of committee, it will not become a law.

Think it is time to go out and take down some more of the winter accumulation of leaves and weed stems.  See a lot of my neighbors working in their yards now.  Enjoy spring.  It has to be my favorite season.  Who does not appreciate the sunshine, the flowers, the rebirth of nature and just being able to be outdoors again.  “Do no harm”.  Scatter Kindness.

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