We Are Community for the week of March 8th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Once again I want to say how fortunate I feel to live in Illinois.  We get to enjoy the seasons and the season changes.  What could be better than having the temperatures warm, the flowers come up, and getting to enjoy the first blossoms.  It is such fun to feed the birds during the winter and see all the different varieties of them who come to the feeders.  Think we will just avoid talking about feeding the squirrels right now!

Today Lima Bn and I went on a short road trip.  We are so fortunate to live close enough to the grand Mississippi River to just pop over there.  Stopped in Carthage and got some sandwiches and found a picnic table along the river to enjoy them.  Several motor cycles and convertibles also out.  Drove the river road to Nauvoo.  That is such a lovely drive.  Hope you were able to enjoy the spring day also.

Hope you have been able to see  the sunsets recently.  Sometimes I go out to photograph a sunset but the sunset has more color than I get with my camera.  Lots of lovely pinks.

Even got my bicycle out of the garage and rode it today.  It was a bit challenging as the wind is stronger than you think when you are trying to ride into it.

Have many flowers coming up.  Have crocus blooming and Lenten Roses and daffodils budded.  Have cleared off a few of the tall stalks form last fall.  I leave all the flower stems so that the birds can eat the seeds over winter.  Do not clean you flower beds too soon as good insects etc. are still sleeping in the leaves and other debris.  It is difficult to hold off getting out there and cleaning out all the old stems and weeds.

Monday I actually ventured to Quincy and restocked the antique mall.  Had been several months but since I have gotten both my shots, I now feel better about going out.

The Living Faith UMC Council met on Tuesday evening.  There has been a lot of work done on the parsonage and it is now rented again.  We had 37 for church today and hope more people will continue to return to in person worship.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  The meeting went well.  There was a young lady present who wanted to start another group to help beautify the Village.  We had a group several years ago who planted flowers and tried to help make the town more inviting. It would be great to have this help again.  With the Metzger Trust money, Plymouth could have an entire face lift and be a really nice place to live.  Currently we have a lot of properties that need to be cleaned up as well as a lot of buildings on the Square that need to be torn down and cleaned up.

Speaking of the Plymouth Square-there is a two story brick building on the east side of the Square.  Technically it is owned by the Plymouth Business Association.  I say technically because there is no loner a Plymouth Business Association.  The last business to be in the building was a thrift store.  The owners just sort of left the building without telling me.  We need someone with creative ideas to find a good use for the building.  It has two large rooms down stairs and some small ones.  Upstairs is a mostly finished apartment, a large open space and some smaller rooms.  I keep thinking there should be some good use for the building or even a multiple of uses.  It either has to become self sufficient or be torn down.  If you have any good ideas, would like to help out or would like to purchase the building, please let me know. The roof currently needs work as the last “new roof” was not properly finished.  It would be such a loss for the town to lose that historic building.

Just to let everyone know, Plymouth Women’s Circle is renting the PCCC again.  If you would like to rent the building, let me know as I have the rental book.  The meeting room and kitchen rent for $40 per use.  It is a very nice space.

The Plymouth American Legion had a soup supper on Saturday evening.  They offered chili, oyster and vegetable soups, corn bread and chicken salad sandwiches.  There was also a wonderful selection of desserts.  Hope you had a chance to enjoy the dinner and see friends once again.

One of my favorite subjects is food.  May I suggest keeping a pint of French onion dip on hand at all times.  It has a lot of uses.  I cook a lot of fresh vegies and the dip is great on broccoli or asparagus and it can also be used in the sauce for chicken pot pie or in mashed potatoes.  Of course you could use it for raw vegie dip or chip dip too.

With so many getting their covid shots, I think the rules will soon be relaxed more.  Enjoy more freedom.  Enjoy the spring weather.  Take some time to look at the sunset.  And just be grateful to be alive.  Have a great week and remember to be kind to everyone with whom you interreact!

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