We Are Community for the week of May 17th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


There was a notice in the Friday Quincy paper that Fred Weinberg had passed.  He was a long time Augusta resident.  He and Tom Weinberg could often be found at the local restaurants.  So sorry to hear of this loss for our community.

Noticed lots of earth being moved around Plymouth this week.  A check of the ball park found that  the dugout had been delivered.  It is painted cement block I think and looks quite nice.  Also the infield and out field of the park have been redone and seeded.  Will be good to have the ball field open for people to use.  Think the lighting and restoration of the restrooms and concession stand still need to be done however.  The restrooms on the Plymouth Square will match the dugouts and should look very nice.

The tax bills for Hancock County came out this week.  Think we are really lucky to live in Hancock County because the real estate taxes seem quite reasonable compared to surrounding counties.

A new scam this week.  In the mail, I got a pink letter telling me that my HOUSE either may not have a warranty or that it was about to expire and giving some examples of what I might need to pay for various failures such as a water heater or furnace.  Cant wait for my daily calls for my house warranty to begin.  Wonder what will be next.

Would like to compliment the person who installed the flat rock around the Living Faith Church sign.  Noticed them immediately and they look very nice.  Suspect the thanks should go to Jess Van Beck.

Had an unusual purchase at the store this week.  Two gentlemen came in and one had a churn lid.  He purchased a churn which fit the lid.  Normally persons have churns and are looking for a lid!

I am still feeding bird seed as I have some left and it will just mold if I don’t feed it.  Had two blue colored birds on the feeder this week.  They were not blue birds or blue jays so they may have been Indigo Buntings.  Would be my first sighting of them in many years.

The big event in my life and that of many of my friends was the return of 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington this week.  Spent three days trying to decide what to pack and then packing it and filling the van.  Normally my niece helps me at the Market but she declined so I was a bit apprehensive about doing the show by myself.  Actually things worked out well.  Had help unloading and think we got that done in record time.  Set up the booth and had some time to shop.  Got a beautifully marked White Hall crock with the state map logo and some other things to fill the empty spaces on my show tables.  Checked my phone to see if my favorite restaurant was open and my phone said that it was.  After driving completely across Bloomington-Normal, found that my phone lied.  Don’t know if my hotel has been affected by covid or if it has just not been kept up for the last year, but the first room they gave me the key to had not been made up.  The second room they put me in had a toilet which would not work as well as a phone that would not plug in due to a faulty connector.  Their printer would not work so could not get a copy of my bill but was not offered any reduction in rate for all the problems.  This would not happen at Plymouth Rock Roost B&B!

Was really good to be back doing an antique show.  Has been a year and a half since I had done one.  Saw lots of friends and made some new ones this weekend.  Had hoped that customers would just buy out my whole booth because they would be so happy to be at an antique show again.  Alas it did not happen!  I still have it.  Packed up my boxes and loaded the van by myself in under an hour and a half.  The Steiner antique show economic forecast.  You may remember how it goes, if people are spending only cash, the forecast is not good.  If people are spending checks and credit cards in addition to cash, the economic forecast is better.  I got several checks this weekend and had some requests to use credit cards so the economic outlook is pretty good.

Hope you enjoyed the past week because according to Channel 10 it will rain every day for the next 10 days and more.  Ugh. My grass will enjoy the rain and really need to be cut if it rains every day. Also looks like no garden will get put in this week.

Hope you had a good week.  Scatter Kindness.



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