We Are Community for the week of May 31st, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Has been an interesting and busy week.  Lets begin with this week’s new scam.  Got an email with “Motoring License Notification” and a photo of the Office of  Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White on it.  Knew instantly that this was a scam as any American would call this a drivers license not a Motoring License.  The email asks one to click on a link to avoid termination of your license.  Of course I did not and you should not click on any link you do not know about  either.  Really wish some action could be taken against all these scammers.

Monday the Illinois Education Association Retired group from our area visited in Plymouth.  First we had lunch at K D’s Coop, then they came to Plymouth Rock Antiques for shopping then to Plymouth Rock Roost B&B for a tour and meeting. The day was made even more interesting in that Ameren had no power in Plymouth for five hours.  Made for an interesting afternoon.  Thanks to K D’s Coop and thanks for all who came on the tour.

My health insurance is through teacher pension and I have an alternate to Medicare-United Health Care.  I have not needed to use it much so am not really sure of the benefits, but it seems great.  They send a nurse to your home to give a complete health check each year.  I really appreciate this.  All that mowing and “clean living” seems to be paying off with good health.

On Wednesday morning, I opened the store at 9 am for a customer from out of state.  Am glad to do that and was glad to meet a fellow stoneware collector.  Was a good week at the store.  Thanks to all who came in and shopped on Saturday also.  Lots easier to just open the store than to pack, load, unload, set out, repack, reload when doing a show.  Of course that is good exercise and I do enjoy doing shows too.

Went to Macomb for groceries and to eat on Wednesday evening.  Was a bit of a disaster.  Only one lane open at Aldi and the lady ahead of me had a full cart and no means of payment.  She went to her car and returned with still no money.  Wanted to have someone call in a credit card.  The cashier kept apologizing to me but it certainly was not his fault.  Ate at HyVee and they had many problems too.  Just part of life.  No need to get upset over the “small stuff”.

Had ravioli with nephew Roger and niece Marcella on Saturday evening.  Love getting to see them.  My nephew lives in Burlington but his firm is relocating so think he will be moving in the near future.  Asked him to not move too far away.

Weather has been interesting for the week leading into summer.  Was so cold that my heat came on and so wet that I can’t get all my lawn all mowed.  I have tomato plants to set out but have not tilled my garden because of the rain.  Soon we will be complaining that it is too hot and dry.  My flowers are just wonderful this year.  Take daily photos and post some on face book each day.

My gray furry friend has been back this week.  Have not set the live trap so it happily comes each evening and eats the left over kitty food.  It had a really good buffet on Saturday evening because I did not get home until after dark and it had eaten the kitty food on the back porch, the garage porch and in the kitty house.  Should not need to eat today!

Hope you are enjoying the Memorial Day Holiday weekend.  I took flowers to three cemeteries which is a lot less than normal.  Somehow this weekend just sneaked up on me and I did not plan enough time to decorate the Missouri graves of the Gentry family.  Did get to Argyle where many of my mother’s family are buried and to Colchester when my immediate family is buried.  Went to the Plymouth cemetery and found that it was the best kept cemetery which I visited.  It was nicely mowed and trimmed and there were loads of flowers on the various graves.  Hope that each of you will remember the reason for the holiday and celebrate that was well as just having a day off.  We need to remember all who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us as well as all  who fought for our freedom.  Also it is good to remember those family and friends who have gone on before us.

Have a good week.

Enjoy the sunshine and the flowers and as always remember to be kind to those with whom you come in contact this week.


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