We Are Community for the week of May 3rd, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Rita Sullivan passed away Thursday of last week.  She was the mother of eleven children, several of whom are Sullivan Auctioneers and Sullivan and Son Auctioneers.  She will be missed by her friends and her large family.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

The people I care about and I no longer need to worry about finances!  I just won 2.5 million dollars from Publishers Clearing House.  I was notified by phone and all I need to do is call 877 342 0218 and ask for agent 6.  I will then need to give my bank account number and the routing number for the bank so they can deposit my winnings in my account.  I also gave them my social security number, my birthdate and my mother’s maiden name to make the transfer easier.  NOT  If you get a call like this one or an email or text that asks for this type of information, it is a scam.  If you are asked to pay in cash or with gift cards, it is a scam.  Never give this type of information to someone who contacts you.  It is not a good idea to click on a link within a message either.  Scammers need to find a better way to make a living than trying to con others out of the money they have worked so hard to earn.

I have declared that spring is here.  Today I moved my plants out of the garage and gave them a generous drink.  Also mowed and then combed the grass clippings out of my hair.

I live in a 116 year old Victorian home designed by the Payne’s of Carthage.  It has two plus stories, very steep roof lines and a round turret.  I need a roofer with the proper equipment, the nerves of a mountain goat and the understanding that I don’t get paid for writing this column.  If you meet these qualifications or know someone who does, please get in contact with me.  I love my home but having to worry about each rain is not a good thing.

I have a habit of reading until midnight  each night.  I wake up about eight but don’t usually get up instead, I check emails, put a comment on face book, read my devotions and just enjoy staring out the window or relaxing for some time.  This is not always a good thing!  The doorbell pinged one morning this week.  Jumped up, pulled on some jeans and headed for the back door.  No one there.  Went through the house to the front door and saw two gentlemen and two bicycles in my front yard.  Always good that it is friends when you appear in a t shirt and with disheveled hair.  Well maybe they didn’t notice as both are a common look for me.  Was good to see a longtime friend and to meet a fan of this column!

3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington will begin in May after being cancelled all of 2020.  Hear that the shows which have been held thus far have been good.  There was a drive along Spoon River this weekend but it was not the “Spoon River Drive” which is held the first two full weekends of October and will be held this year again.

Had a gentleman in the store this week that I have not seen since covid started.  We spent quite a long time just talking.  Even though I may have book work to do, items that need washing and pricing, floors that need to be swept or dust is  everywhere, I have learned that it is usually more important to stop and listen if a customer wants to talk.  Some spend a lot of time on their phones, but in my opinion,  that is not as good an interaction as actually having someone listen to their thoughts.  You too might want to take some time in your busy day to stop and really listen to others.

The moon was full this week.  It was lovely.  A friend texted me a photo so I went out and took some photos too.  Put several on Facebook as did others.  Hope you got to  enjoy the beauty of the full moon.

Take time to stop and enjoy the spring weather, enjoy the flowers and really listen if someone  wants to talk to you.  Scatter Kindness.

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