We Are Community for the week of November 30th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Our community lost a very special person this week.  Coach Swisegood passed away just after his 90th birthday.  He had a long and great career as a teacher and coach in Plymouth and Augusta for 60 years.  He will certainly be missed by all who knew and learned from him.

This week was Thanksgiving.  If you google Thanksgiving you will find “the expression of gratitude especially to God.”  Made me think about some of the things for which I am thankful.  In a somewhat order of importance are:A God to walk with me, my health, food, family and this includes many people who are not related by blood,  a job to go to each day, kitties to love me and be loved, books to read and therefore the eye site to be able to do so, sunshine to lift my mood, the ability to be active, education to know what is right and wrong, flowers, birds and nature in general to make life more beautiful, my smart phone and the Hallmark channel.

I’m sure that some of these would be on your list too.  The first person to text me on Thanksgiving was a member of my church family.  Thanks.

I am old enough to retire but probably will never do so.  Since my husband passed and there is no one to travel with, it is enjoyable to go to my antique store and cane a chair for someone, talk with a customer, provide a bit of education or maybe sell something which the customer will really love.

I am very grateful to be healthy and I do my best to remain in that condition.  I love ice cream but I also eat lots of fruit and vegetables and try to get some physical exercise every day.  We can do a lot to help keep our selves healthy.

I love to read.  If you have not tried a book by Kirsten Hannah, by all means do so.  She is a great writer.

You might question the Hallmark channel but every night this week they have had a new movie and each of their movies has a happy ending.  We are really in need of happy endings in the year 2020.

Now it’s your turn, what are you thankful for.

Have received several Christmas cards  so I chose my photo and went to Walgreens to have my cards made today.  Got a very kind employee to help me with this project.  She was super.  Thinking of what I want to include in my Christmas letter.  Normally there are antique shows to discuss, places visited and more but not this year.  Next project.  Yes I still send out actual Christmas cards!  Got a hundred made but last year  had to go back and get a few more.  Love to get cards and love hearing from friends who I may not see during the year.

Took Victoria to the vet and she tested negative for feline leukemia so that was great news.  I hold her each evening and try to give her some attention since she lost her partner last week and still cries for him.  Understand how she feels.

HyVee advertised a chicken bucket with three sides as a meal for four.  Also works as four meals for one.  Stopped there today to get lunch and found that one can no longer eat in the store.  Lasagna in the car anyone?

Was very happy when the sun finally came out this week.  Sunshine lifts my mood as well as warming the earth and making my solar panels produce electricity.

Have been riding my bike every day that is not just too cold.  Much prefer riding a moving bike to a stationary one.

Thanks to everyone who came in to Plymouth Rock Antiques on Small Business Saturday.   We had a good day.  My stores are large enough that it is easy to social distance.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.  Hope you found many things to be thankful for despite not being able to be with family and friends or if you were with family and friends, hope that you are well.  As we enter a new month, continue to pray for an end to covid and remember to be kind.





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