We Are Community for the week of Oct 16th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 172

Another Spoon River is in the books.  Always set up in the gym of the Red Brick School in Smithfield.  Good place to be-inside, food, bathrooms and the ability to leave it set up for both weekends.  Was nice to be with friends at the school too and also make some new friends.  Had help packing up and getting all my things home.  The help is greatly appreciated as I just would not be able to get everything out by myself.

Had guests over last weekend and when talking to them found that they also do shows- only they do gun and coin shows.  Selling one gun can bring in a lot more than selling a whole lot of antiques.

Got an email wondering if I had guaranteed a reservation that a person said he had made on my website.  Of coursed there was no reservation.  He then told me that he owned an IT firm and that he wanted to have his employees also meet at my BnB.  Also asked about parking and if breakfast was included in the price.  Then asked me to click on a message but to do it on my computer and not my phone.  I may be from the “sticks” but I am neither senile or dumb.  Am sure he was bringing his group to meet in Plymouth, IL.    Pretty obvious that he wanted to put the virus on my computer and not just my phone.  Sure wish these people would get a real job instead of trying to scam people.

Plymouth Circle met at the PCCC on Wednesday.  We now have the roof paid for and are currently raising money for a new furnace and plaster repairs needed because the roof leaked.  Any financial help would be appreciated as we want to preserve the building for future generations.

Services for my niece were held at Mt. Auburn cemetery in Colchester on Friday afternoon.  She joins family members including her grandparents, her father and her sister.  Nice service on kind of a dreary day.  Anyone was asked to speak who wished to do so and all agreed that she was the most generous of people.  She will be greatly missed.

A friend suggested that I was wasting prime space in my antique store by continuing to have large book racks when books on collectibles do not sell well because everyone uses Google to identify and price collectibles.  He was correct, so I have started buying nice shelving units that are slimmer and that also roll.  Can put books on some of them and also have room for nice antiques in the aisle as you come into the main store.  Working on changing them over now.  Will not be done for a while as Sam’s has to get more racks in stock first.

We are still collecting aluminum cans at the store.  Now they help buy feral food instead of helping with expenses on the building across the Square.  Instead of just tossing your cans in the garbage, please place them in the barrel in front of Plymouth Rock antiques.

As you can imagine, it has been a long week for me so will just hope that each of you has a good week.  Pray for those who are ill and for those who have lost family or friends.  Scatter kindness and love.  Just imagine what the world could be like if we all did that.  “Love your neighbor as yourself”.


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