We Are Community for the week of sept 12th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 114.

Today is the anniversary of 911.  Hope you have a good week.

I Love You

“I Love You”, “Love you”, “luv ya”. Words I wonder if we say enough.  They can all have so many meanings.  The first most of us think of is “I want to rip your clothes off and drag you to my bed”.  But this is only one meaning of love.  It may also mean you are a part of family and I am so glad.  Or you are important to my emotional health and I am so happy to know you and have you in my life in either a large or a small way.

I don’t remember these words being used in my growing up home.  Perhaps they were and I just don’t remember or perhaps they were not used.  Anyway, I wonder if I say them enough.

It has been noted that hearing is one of the last senses left as we pass over to our next life.  I was with my mother as she left and I think I said those words to her.  I am not sure at just what point my husband passed as he was unresponsive when I found him but I hope he understood just how much he meant to me.

My point-I think we need to tell people more how important they are to us.  I’m not advocating that you walk down the street and say “I love you” to everyone you pass though this might not be such a bad idea.  You could make someone’s day and just possibly prevent a suicide.  But I am saying we need to let people know that they are important to us.

I am very hesitant to use these words.  I would like to become less so.  I have friends who always tell me that they love me and I appreciate it.  Easy to tell them back because they had the courage to say it first.  I have young people in my life that are like adopted children and they also tell me that they love me and again it is so appreciated.

I have friends that I would like to tell that I love them but don’t want to make them or me uncomfortable.  But should it be that way.  What if they are in an accident or pass unexpectedly and we no longer have the chance.

So, let’s just put on “our big girl panties” and tell those we care about that we love them and let them know that they are important to us and that we are so glad to have crossed life’s path with them.

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