We Are Community for the week of September 10th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family of Onilee Crossland who passed away on September 1st.  She was very active in the Living Faith United Methodist  Church while she lived in Bowen.

Looks like the Quincy Herald Whig is making big changes.  Since I taught at Central in Adams County, I have subscribed to the paper for many years.  A news story says that it will become a morning paper, be delivered by mail instead of carrier and not have a Monday paper.  I know that our world is changing and that the news media is constantly bombarded with negative hype but I am sorry to see these changes as I like having the newspaper to read in the evening.  I think we are all resistant to change.

I miss my friends and family.  This is Labor Day weekend.  For many years that meant calling Buckert’s and having them set up a huge tent at Argyle Lake State Park.  Ben and I then hauled half the contents of the antique store to the lake and filled the tent.  We even took over our book inventory and often carpeted the tent.  Sometimes we were so busy that we did not have time for lunch.  Always enjoyed seeing hundreds of friends who came to the show.  In later years the show was moved from under the pine trees where it was very successful and drew thousands to the area for the weekend.  Can imagine the economic impact lost to the area by the loss of this great show.  It has gotten smaller and smaller each year and this year, it was cancelled.  Even in later years, I made several trips to the Lake show to buy things for the shop and to see friends.

Plymouth has feral kitties largely because we have falling down buildings in which they live.  I know this can get out of hand so have caught four thus far and taken them to Holst Veterinary Service for spay and neutering.  Had a young man in last Sunday who just kept thanking me for doing this.  Today I had an email from another friend also thanking me .  These comments are really nice to hear.  Thank you.  I love kitties but not everyone appreciates the effort that others put forth to care for and protect them.

Want to thank Bob Orris and Curtis Baldwin for helping get the grass in the sidewalk in front of the store under control.  It is really difficult to pull grass out of sidewalk cracks and a lawn mower does not do a good job on it either!

My VW starts then promptly dies.  It made a trip to Peoria last Monday  for evaluation.  Still don’t know the problem but do know I miss my Lima Bean.

Saw in the Hancock County Shopper that Mike Sullivan has started a new real estate business.  His office is located on the west side of the Carthage Square.  So glad that his family is staying in the area and wish him all the best in the new adventure.  Hope there will be a few auctions of furnishings and antiques from the real estate which he sells.

I use two Upper Room devotions each day.  Once in a while a devotion will really get my attention.  One for this week included “owe no one anything, except to love one another”.   How much better our world would be if we really took this to heart.  Love one another.  Our world is reeling from the Corona virus but our country is reeling from political divide.  This is not a necessary divide and is one that hurts everyone.  Love one another and further, try to be lovable!  Scatter Kindness.

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