We Are Community for the week of April 19th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Last Thursday two friends stopped by the store to ask if I had previewed the items for the Sullivan Auctioneers on-line auction.  As I had not, I went to Carthage on Friday morning to look at the offerings.  As soon as I walked through Sullivan’s door, I was in love.  There was a very large piece of sewer tile that I just knew needed to make its home with me.  After many  very stressful hours on the computer, I got the piece.  I usually get outbid in the last two minutes of an on-line auction so sat for the last two hours with mouse in hand.  Thanks to the people who helped me load and unload my treasure.

When we moved to Plymouth in 1978, Galen Auten and his family lived in the house just north of ours.  They had two daughters Luanne and Katy.  Eventually they moved and I pretty much lost track of the family.  Katy and Luanne came back into my life in the last couple of years.  They and Luanne’s daughter Elizabeth returned to Plymouth for the funeral of June Lee this week.  It was so nice to welcome them to my home and visit with them again.  They have promised to return for a visit and to catch up again.    Katy had sent photos from Australia and I learned that her partner is from Australia.  As she described him to me and said that I should meet him because I would really like him, I asked if she ever watched “The Big Bang Theory”.  Can’t wait to meet him!

One of my frequent hunting guests called from St Louis to tell me he had just landed on Monday. I was surprised as I had him on the calendar for later in the week.  Got a bedroom changed and cleaned up before he arrived.  He was working on his land and turkey hunting.  Really nice young man.  Enjoyed all my Bed and Breakfast guests this week.  Great people and good company.  Roman’s 12:13 says “ Share Hospitality.”

Our chapter of Illinois Education Association Retired met on Tuesday evening.  As the speaker had to cancel because the Illinois Legislature was in session, I was asked to fill in as speaker.  Not a problem.  They learned about my home and stoneware.  As the next meeting is lunch at KD’s Coop and then a shopping tour of Plymouth Rock Antiques and a visit to my home, thought I would give them a preview.

Had to get some groceries and supplies in Macomb so took off after work on Wednesday.  When I was ready to check out at Walmart, there was not one live check out lane open.  There were however many self-checkout lanes open.  There was no one to help those of us who are not good at self-check out or who don’t want to check our selves out.  I had fresh produce.  Ever try scanning an ear of corn.  May I just intimate how much I hate automated answering systems and self-check out!

My hair dresser took pity on my shaggy dog look and trimmed my hair on Thursday morning.

Saturday Kyle Kelso had a live auction!  Got up early to get a parking place there as there is little parking at the facility.  The crowd was not as large as I expected as live auctions are so few but the bidders were eager.  Many items sold for two or three times what they would be priced at my store.  I have learned over the years not to mention that to the runner up bidder however.  Anyway I got a few things for the store.  Was good to be at an auction and to see many auction friends again.

On behalf of the Plymouth Women’s Circle, I would like to thank the family of Mary Cludray for having the Plymouth Circle Community Center as a recipient for her memorial.  It was greatly appreciated.  Thank You.

Got the mowers tuned up and started mowing on Sunday.  Certainly did not get done but did get a start.  Old wet leaves to rake up and then try to mow up so they did not blow onto the neighbors yard.  Should sleep well tonight.

Psalms 118:24 tells us “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  That is not always an easy thing to do but we should try to be thankful for every day.  Thankfulness is easier when the weather is bright and sunny and the flowers are so glorious.  Be Thankful.

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