We Are Community for the week of April 13th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Our community has had so much loss recently.  Anna Mae Watson passed away on Good Friday.  She graduated from Plymouth High School in 1950.  She was the daughter of Walter Normandin who lived in the Friendship Community where I grew up.

Doris McMahan Waller of Augusta passed away on March 24th.  She was a 1950 graduate of Maplewood High School in Camp Point.

Anita June Lee passed away on April 7th in Macomb.  She was the wife of Paul Lee of Plymouth.

Rich Meyer of Quincy passed on April 6th.  We taught together at Central for many years.  “Coach O” is known by so many as he taught at several schools in the area and was a highly successful girls volley ball coach.

Mary Cludray of Plymouth  passed away this week.  She had a beauty salon in her home for 63 years.  Her funeral was held in the PCCC on Saturday.  She leaves many friends and several family members in Plymouth.

Each of these people will be missed by family and friends.  Please keep  them in your thoughts and prayers.

One election day a baby boy was born to Adrian and Katy Baldwin.  He is the grandson of Nicol and Curtis Baldwin all of Plymouth.  Congratulations on the new life.

As I take Monday off from the store, I went to Quincy to stock up my booth in Sullivan’s Antique Mall.  Also took a trip to Payson to visit another antique shop.  Need to learn to use my phones navigation system as I always have trouble finding route 96 on the south side of Quincy!

Noticed there were a lot of farmers working in their fields and planting corn.  Hope the corn seeds survive all the rain we have had and the now colder weather.  Plymouth has had 1.7 inches of rain two times this week and a bit more in between.

Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  There were many items discussed including new toilets for the library, an outside bulletin board for city hall, new stickers for side by sides in town, a contract for DJ Toland, our policeman, adding Pastor Kevin Lingenfelter to the Metzger Board, hired a helper for Tedd Simmons, allocated money to fix grave stones in our cemetery and more.  Good meeting.

Dustin and Cody Smith, Tammy Webber and Dylan McCurdy were elected and reelected to the Plymouth Village Board and Dave Ellis was elected as Village President.

If you are an auction person, you know that there are very few live auctions at present.  Everyone who depends on auctions for merchandise for their stores hates this as it is very difficult to buy during an on line auction.  Checked out Sullivan Auctioneers on line only auction on Friday and am currently being out bid on many items in there 34 page auction catalog.  I keep asking them to have live auctions again and they keep telling me that they will not!

We have been blessed with many spring days thus far this season.  My spring flowers have been and many are still just lovely.  Read that sunflowers follow the sun.  Their heads face east in the morning and west in the afternoon and downward when there is no sun.  Think many of us are like sunflowers.  Our moods go downward when it is gloomy and rainy.  May we all have sunny days,  may our faces look upward and our hearts be filled with kindness and love for our fellow earth travelers.

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