Plymouth Are News for the week of April 29th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


For five years Julia Forner and I were the only students in our class at Cherry Grove school located two miles north of Tennessee.  Then in the sixth grade, two boys moved in to our school, Joe Matthews and Donald Mayo.  Evidentially they moved again because neither of them graduated from High School with me.  A couple of years ago a gentleman started talking to me at an auction.  It was obvious he knew who I was but eventually I had to ask him who he was.  It was Joe Matthews after all these years.  It turned out that he had married another student from Cherry Grove and that they had lived in the same area as I for all these years and we did not know it.  I was very saddened to read of Joe’s passing this week.  I understand that his wife  passed very recently also.

Richard Bunney, father of Gwendolyn Bunney of Plymouth, also passed away this week.  He was only forty nine.

Our sympathy to the family and friends of these two gentlemen.

Finally broke out my lawnmowers this week.  Mow my yard in sections so that I survive the process.  Also did a bit of mowing uptown.  Surprising just how fast the grass and dandelions can grow.  Have also spent a lot of time pulling creeping Charlie out of my flower beds.  Right now one can grab one end of the vine and quite a lot of it will come loose.  Never get that job done.

Picked up some feed sacks at the Kelso auction last Saturday.  I bought three from Null seed farms.  I grew up in 4H with all the Null children but had never seen their feed sacks.  Was able to buy some very brightly colored ones as well as some Crow sacks which also have great colors.  Got them priced and out at the store on Wednesday.

Went to Macomb to eat and shop on Thursday evening.  My favorite grocery store, Aldi, is remodeling.  They have moved the door and are open during the remodel.  Pieces of foam etc. were blowing around the parking lot as it was very windy.  I think it is really going to be a challenge to be open and remodel at the same time.  In Quincy they built a new store on the same lot, moved into it and tore the old store down.

Kyle Kelso had an auction for Perry Miller an Amish gentleman in our community on Friday.  I went out to check the items for sale.  I was amazed at the prices the draft horses brought.  I had no idea they were so valuable.  They also sold a quarter horse which brought three hundred dollars which was a small fraction of what the draft horses brought.  One learns every day.

Bruce Morton, of Bowen, had three entries accepted by the Biennial Quad State Exhibition which will be held May 18-June 29, 2019 at the Quincy Art Center.  The states represented are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri.  Entries will  be judged and cash prizes awarded.  Congratulations to Bruce for having his entries accepted and good luck to him during the judging.

Gerhard Jung celebrated his eightieth birthday on Sunday.  We sang Happy Birthday to him at church.  There were many members of his family at church to help him celebrate.  Happy Birthday and many more to Mr. Jung.  He was a long time school administrator in our area.

The farmers are in the fields working now, at least they were this week.  Look out for farm machinery when traveling on the roads.  Farming is a dangerous occupation.  Help them be safe.

Supposed to be rainy all week and it got very cold last night.  Have not gotten many plants out yet but all that were out in pots are back in the garage.  Hope the begonias which I planted outside made it OK.  It is spring and we are having spring weather!

Have a good week and remember to scatter kindness to all.



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