Plymouth Area News for the week of April 22nd, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Since I have decided to take Monday off from the store to get some other things done, I have enjoyed the day of relative freedom.  Took last Monday to drive to Rushville and take “birthday muffins and candles” to a friend.  Not a birthday cake but sometimes we just have to make do.  Then took time to drive around Weinberg King State Park near Augusta.  They have done a lot of work on a camping area since I was out there.  Must get my fishing license as I would like to go fishing again.  Used to do quite a bit of that with my father.

Tuesday evening the IEAR, Illinois Education Association Retired, met in Macomb for a pot luck and chair yoga.  Was interesting and anyone could do the exercises she showed us.  Now if I just remembered what she tried to teach us.  She was lovely and slim but I noticed that she ate fruit at the potluck rather than all the good things the rest of us partook of.  Also went to see Matt McClure who is my cousin and my dentist.  Love him as I have never needed any work done.  We will see if that occurs.  Also took my van for an oil change and she got a badly needed bath.  Katey told me she also needed a good wax as the water was not beading.

Wednesday, Pastor Sheri, lead the last class of the Wesley series.  The theme of the study was the Wesley quote, “Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God”.  Now if we could all just put that into practice.

We had church services Thursday, Friday and obviously Easter Sunday.  Pastor Sheri went all out on Thursday and rearranged the whole church for the stations of the cross.  It was a very thoughtful evening.  Sunday we had sunrise service at 7 am, breakfast fixed by the men of the church at 8 am and the regular service at 9 am.  Today was perfect.  The weather was lovely, trees and flowers blooming and lots of people at church for Easter Sunday.

Saturday I attended the Kyle Kelso auction near Bushnell.  I  would have to say that it was a successful auction as a gentleman had to hold a table just right as I tried to put the tailgate of my van down, it was that full.  Did you know one could get 5 chairs, three tables, a showcase, four decoys and numerous other things in one van load!

Saturday evening John and Arlys Dittmer gave a presentation of the building of their home during 1977 and 78.  They purchased it in the East, took it apart and reassembled it here.  Was a very interesting evening and was well attended.

Taylor Phelps stopped by the store to tell me that he has plants ready.  He has all kinds of vegetable plants.  Tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, egg plant, and lots more but no flowers.  His plants are great and very reasonable.  You may reach him at 217 242 9454.  His green houses are at his grandmother’s, Bev Phelps home north east of Plymouth.

If you get a call with Elizabeth Busby on the called ID, that is the church calling.  We are still trying to figure that one out.  Perhaps she had the number before the church but do answer if Elizabeth calls.

Hope you had a nice Easter.  It is a time of sadness and rejoicing.  Sadness for me, and I am sure others, because it brings memories of those we have lost.  Scatter Kindness.

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