Plymouth Area News for the week of April 15th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Harold Daniels of Colmar passed away on Tuesday.  He drove a bus for Southeastern for many years.  He will be missed in our community.

Everett Dooley passed away on Thursday.  He was a 1941 graduate of Plymouth High School.

Our sympathy to both these families and their friends.

Monday evening the Staff Parish Relations Committee of the Living Faith UMC  met.  The big news from that meeting is that we are going to have Sunday School for our children.  While we were discussing a paid position for a Sunday School teacher, pastor Sheri said she would like to try teaching the class.  It will be for children pre K through 6th grade.  The class will be from 9-9:45 am and will begin on Sunday, May 5th.  A walk through Maundy Thursday interactive opportunity will be held from 6-8 pm on Thursday and the Good Friday service will begin at 7 pm.  Early Easter Service will be at 7 am followed by breakfast and the regular service will begin at 9 am Easter Sunday.

United Health Care is a Medicare alterative which I have through teacher pension.  They offer an in home nurse visit.  I signed up for the visit.  The nurse was wonderful.  Due to advances in technology, she was able to do artery tests that normally can only be done in hospitals.  If you have this opportunity, be sure to take advantage of it.  It is free and they even give you a gift for participating.  She did much more than my doctor does during my annual visit.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday at the PCCC.  The theme for the evening was a decorated table and guests were invited.  With no planning, two of the tables had an angel theme!  We also enjoyed a pot luck supper.  Good food and good friends.  Carolyn Frakes was a guest.

The Hancock County Historic Society will meet at 7 pm on Saturday the 20th at the senior center in Carthage.  The program will be given by John and Arlys Dittmer of the buying, taking down, moving and rebuilding of their home from the East coast to rural Bowen.  Should be a really interesting program. I am sure the Historic Society would be happy to have a lot of guests.

Thursday night through Sunday morning, I had  two hunters from Miami who stay at the B&B often.  Good to have them.

Friday there were dealers from Cheyanne, Wyoming at my store.  Always good to have dealers as they tend to buy quite a lot.

Attended the Southeastern musical, the Music Man, on Friday evening.  It has to be a monumental undertaking to do a musical production with a fairly small school.  Every thing about the production was very professional down to the light people being all dressed in black on their scaffold.  I wish that there would be advertising placed for school events.  I often do not even know about them as I have no family in school.  I am sure that many people would attend school productions if they were aware of them.  Posters, newspaper ads or even face book comments would help get the word out to more people.

Sunday evening Jo Webster and I attended the Mike Rayson concert held at the Industry UMC.  Mike Rayson is a world class performer who has traveled much of the world, written songs, made CD’s and more.  He is truly an inspiration.  He performed at the Legacy theater some years ago.

Hope you “enjoyed” the blizzard this morning.  If one has to have a blizzard, one that only lasts a couple of hours, takes place near freezing and goes away the same day is the kind to have.

Have a good Easter week.  Heard a quote not long ago,  “life without God is like a pencil with no point”.

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