Plymouth Area News for the week of April 8th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Attended the grave side services for Janet Hoyt on Friday morning.  Services were conducted by Pastor Jerry Taylor assisted by Pastor Tom Spain.  Janet was buried in Rosemont Cemetery in Plymouth.  Janet was a lovely lady who loved kitties.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.

Decided that spring was here and uncovered my three fish ponds on Monday.  Found live fish in two of them so think that all three still have fish.  There is new growth on my pink water lily as well.  When I took the covers off, there were  frogs sitting on top of the vegetation so they enjoyed the warmth of the covers during the winter.

Attended the Democratic meeting on Monday evening in Carthage.  State Senator Andy Manar from Bunker Hill was the guest speaker.  I was impressed with him.  Hope he continues to work for our state.  Illinois has a lot of work to do.

Tuesday was election day.  Since there were not many races on the ballot, turn out was low.  Plymouth elected three village trustees.  Only time will tell whether we had good candidates or not.  A very important but thankless job.  Those elected were Gary Hurt, Curtis Baldwin and one of the Fundels.

Took Ed Newton to the Hotel Nauvoo on Tuesday to celebrate his birthday.  His birthday was actually on Sunday but the Hotel is not open on Sunday evenings.  Great food as usual.

Wednesday was the second chapter of the Wesley study at Living Faith United Methodist Church.  Pastor Sheri is leading a study on the Wesley doctrine of “Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God”.  Short statement, but really a lot to think about.  There is a lot involved with “doing no harm”.

Missed the Village Board meeting to attend the Wesley study.  Got back to Plymouth just as the meeting ended.  As a result, I do not know what happened at the Board meeting.

We had seven for the Bible study held at my home on Thursday morning.  Some of the topics which we have covered are the cross, the crown of thorns, the nails and His robe.  Jo Webster was hostess.  I had to leave early.

The reason I had to leave Bible study early was because some time ago, Sue Stoneking stopped by the antique store.  She loved it.  She plans bus tours and asked if she could bring a bus load of ladies to my store.  I suggested that they also eat at KD’s Coop while they were here.  I think they also visited the Grainery near Payson.  There were thirty four ladies plus the bus driver.  I had asked Dylan and Kayla McCurdy to help me during the tour.  Good thing that I did.  We were very busy and the store very crowded.  Really cool to see a Peoria Charter bus parked in Plymouth!

Saturday the Old Settlers Committee sponsored a matador dinner.  They were great.  It was held at the PCCC and the proceeds will help pay for the celebration in August.  We all need to support all our local events.  Celebrations help keep our village alive just as businesses do.  Support both.

Sunday, Living Faith had a trivia contest after church.  There was a baked potato lunch prepared by Tad and Brenda Peters between church and the contest.  All the proceeds from both lunch and the contest went to support “Our Conference, Our Kids”.  The conference supports Chaddock and four others homes which serve youth.

Worked in the yard tonight.  Soon we will need to mow but right now, I am just futilely pulling creeping Charley, knowing full well that it will do no good.  Charley runs in my yard, not creeps!

Have a good week.  Scatter kindness.



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