Plymouth Area News for the week of April 11th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Happy birthday to Richard Dixon.  Saw the Dixon family at Ponderosa today and Stan Dixon posted that it was his father’s 80th birthday.  Wonderful people.
Remember that the Old Settler’s Committee is sponsoring a Matador Supper on Saturday from 4-7 at the PCCC.
Probably have mentioned that Fudge and Floral in Macomb has closed.  The owner called me again on Sunday to come and buy some things.  Got some lawn ornaments and other things on Monday evening.
One of Plymouth’s policeman stopped by the store on Tuesday.  Seemed like a nice young man.  Have noticed more patrols around town this week.
Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  It was a long meeting as there was a lot on the agenda.  A representative of Rural Water was there and spoke to the Board.  He indicated that the price of our water was not high enough to cover the cost of production.  I thought the meeting went well.  Your Board is working very hard to try to better our small community.  We have a lot of problems that need to be addressed such as  police presence, village clean up, getting rid of unsafe buildings, getting a plan in place for a possible disaster and much more.  The Village tested the storm siren on Tuesday.  It is tested the first Tuesday of the month at 10 am so if you hear it at this time, do not be alarmed.  If there is a storm threat on Tuesday morning at 10 am, the test is not done.
One of my class mates passed away this week.  Martha Fentem Lavelle of Bettendorf, IA died on Wednesday.  We grew up together in 4H and were members of the Go Getter Gals 4H club.  Our sympathy to her family.
Attended Lowderman’s Auction on Thursday.  An old friend was there and we had dinner together.  He has had many health issues and is now on dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours each time.  We often take our health for granted and we should not.
Got a call from Wayne Selby on Friday.  He is originally from Colchester but went to Alaska as a young man and was in the fishing industry there.  Ben went up to fish with him at least once and one of Ben’s sons worked on one of his fishing boats.  Wayne and his wife now live in Florida but at least Wayne misses this area.
Plymouth Pride held it’s Second Saturday Breakfast on Saturday.  This is the first time I have taken a count and I counted 69 who came for breakfast and we took out a few more meals.  Got several comments on how good the food was.  Hope you will be able to join us each Second Saturday for breakfast at the Community Center located on the east side of the Square.  The need is pretty large as we not only need a new roof on the building but also need to redo the north east corner of the building.  Older buildings definitely need to be saved but it is not cheap to do so.  Our once thriving Square looks pretty bad right now so it is very important to save the historic building which houses the Community Center.
After helping with the breakfast, opened my own store on Saturday.  Had quite a few in.  Thanks.
After church went to Macomb for lunch and to visit with Dot Burdett.  Enjoyed lunch with Mary Hohe and Tom Weinberg.  Ruth Anne Danielson and the Dixon Family were also there.
Had to stop for a while this afternoon as it had been a very busy, long weekend.  Decided I needed some comfort food about 9 pm so decided to make a healthy meal.  Decided on broccoli cheese soup.  To make it I cut up a whole package of fresh broccoli and cook it in a small amount of water until it is tender crisp.  Do not over cook it as you usually find it.  I then mixed flour, milk, dry chicken soup base and cheddar cheese powder, both from Home Style Foods near Kellerville, and added the mixture to the cooked broccoli.  You probably will not need to add salt as the chicken base has quite a bit of salt in it. Broccoli cheese soup is good and healthy and as I mentioned a good comfort food.
My prayer lists just keeps getting longer.  Please join me in praying for all those who are ill and also those just in need of prayer.  Have a good week.  We are actually supposed to see the sun this week.  I am ready.  The freeze really ruined the magnolia blooms but the daffodils are still blooming and the peach trees still have blossoms but I suspect the freeze will severely limit my peach crop.  Scatter Kindness.
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