Plymouth Area News for the week of April 18th by Joyce Steiner

Lots of corn being planted right now.  Please be careful when driving as there is a lot of farm machinery being moved from one field to another.  And while we are talking about planting, I actually put out 7 tomato plants tonight.  Moved my hanging ferns out to the gazebo.  Yesterday was the average last day for a frost in this area but that is an average so no guarantee that it will not frost again this spring.
Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening at the PCCC.  Hostesses for the evening were Bev and Pat Phelps.  The program on Camp Ellis was given by a gentleman from Western Illinois University.  It is amazing that we had a huge army base in this area which was built, used and torn down all within a very short time.  It comprised 17,000 acres of land in the Ipava area.
What would you do if you saw a gentleman in his 50’s holding a cardboard sign reading “stranded vet, God bless you”.  Well I did not know what to do either.  I saw him in the corner of the Wal-Mart parking lot in Macomb.  Drove passed him on the way to Aldi’s then came back by and gave him some money.  I went to get gas and he drove in to the same station and went inside so I followed at a distance to see what he would purchase.  It was not alcohol or cigarettes so I was thankful.  When we help out others, unfortunately it often turns out that it was a scam.  It is a shame that people take advantage when there are so many that truly need help.
Attended the Matador dinner sponsored by Old Settler’s Committee on Saturday evening.  Think they had a good crowd later.  The matadors were very good and they had a great variety of desserts.
Got a call from Romana Collins from Augusta yesterday.  She called to tell me that for several years a wonderful “mystery person” has come and secretly pruned her bushes every February.   Mystery person that is such a nice thing to do and I just want to let you know that I have a lot of bushes too!!  People helping other people is really what life is all about.
Talked to Marsha Ellis at the matador dinner and she told me she now works at the library in Augusta.  She loves it.  Guess I am about a year behind on that “news”.  Anyway nice to see Marsha as I have not run into her at as many auctions as usual and now I know why.
Sullivan and Son had a great antiques auction on Saturday.  As there was a lot of stoneware on the auction, there were several stoneware collectors there.  I did not get much stoneware but got some great fishing related items for the store.
Had Bed and Breakfast guests on Saturday evening.  They were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary and choose different B&B’s each year to celebrate.  Was good to have them.  Prince Harry was very glad to have additional people to pay attention to him.
Had a young couple in the store this week.  As I write tickets with name and address when people make a purchase, I learned their last name was Graham.  Eventually I figured out that the man was the son of a long time friend and customer, the Rev. Ron Graham.  Was fun to meet the second generation of a family-of course the antique store has been open for 34 years though that just does not seem possible.
After I mowed a brick, took my lawn mower back to Henry’s in Bowen to get a new blade.  They have built a very large new addition  to their shop.  They are really nice to work with and have a huge selection of mowers if you need either a new or  used mower.
We are supposed to get some much needed rain this week.  Will definitely help the newly planted corn to germinate and come up.  Should help all the trees and flowers too.  Of course rain will make the grass grow and we will need to get out there and mow which will be good exercise.
Have a great week.  Enjoy spring-it never seems to last long enough.
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