Plymouth Area News for the week of April 3rd, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Interesting week as usual.
Our sympathy to the family and friends of J. Don Holmes who passed away this week.  The Holmes family had an implement dealership in Augusta for many years.  Don was very well known and respected in our community and he will be missed.
The grave side service for Dot Burdett was held on Sunday in Plymouth.  Thank you to the many people who came out to honor her.  It was appreciated.
On Monday my electricity went off.  I know this because I was watching the Today Show.  I waited for the electricity and the Today Show to come back on.  Eventually one of my cordless phones rang and I knew it would not work as we had no electricity-but it did work.  So did a light when I tried it.  Seems that a TV does not automatically come back on with the electricity.  Well we should learn something new every day!  Ameren has been working in Plymouth this week.  Checked on a noise behind the antique store and found two men changing out my meter.  Asked them to change out the meter at my house too so that I could get on one of their energy saving programs. 
Wednesday evening the Church Council of  Living Faith met.  We were able to fill all the committee vacancies during the meeting.  Many thanks to all who stepped up for committees.  It is necessary for the life and workings of a church.  Be looking for special Easter Service times.  The early service will be at 7 am and the regular service at 9 am with breakfast and an Easter egg hunt in between the services.
Thursday we had 10 for Bible study, make that 11 with Prince Harry.  Carolyn Ussery was hostess. 
Friday and Saturday I met a wonderful young man-all men under 70 are young!  My mother had two brothers Ivan and Murray Welch.  Ivan lived in Colchester and Murray lived in Michigan.  During the time period they all got married, most families had two children.  My mother had two children, Joyce and Roger.  Ivan had two children, Carol and James.  Murray had two children, Craig and Kirk.  Confused yet.  All of us children were about the same age so  I knew my first cousins fairly well but as they moved out of the area or lived out of the area, I never knew their children.  Carol’s son, Tod Hilton, came to Illinois from Washington state this week.  I had never met him before.  I really enjoyed meeting him and learning about him and his life.  I took him to the Argyle and Colchester cemeteries to meet many of the relatives which we share.  He is working on the genealogy of both sides of his family and I hope he can help me identify the Civil War soldier whose photo hangs in one of my bed rooms.  I know he is related on my mother’s side of the family and that his last name is Murray.  Tod is planning to return in the fall and I can’t wait as we have so much to talk about.
If I do say so, my yard is lovely.  I have many daffodils in bloom as well as peach trees, Lenten Roses, dandelions and more.  Since the temperatures have been cool, the daffodils are lasting well.  I have many varities of daffodils including those with pink trumpets and double ones.  Spring is such a lovely season as long as the tornados stay away.
Have a great week.  Hope you voted on Tuesday.  Voting may not always seem important but it really is.  Scatter Kindness.
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