Plymouth Area News for the week of April 10th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Monday went to a meeting at the Mexican restaurant in Carthage.  After the last election results, it seems that people of a more liberal stance need to organize a bit!  There were many people there that I knew.  The meeting was short and I am not sure that I have enough spare time to get too involved.  I need a helper when I try to order at a Mexican restaurant.  I never know just what the food items are and I made an awful choice.  I did get a sign which states “That Hate Does Not Live Here” which should not be limited to either political party.
Lima Bean went in for an oil change and a check up on Tuesday morning.  She is fine.  I have new eye lashes for her but have not found time to put them on her as yet.  She has been needing a new pair for a couple of years now.  For those of you who may not know Lima Bean, she is a 2002 VW and her color is that of a lima bean.  Since VW does not make that color any more, I have too keep her until her wheels fall off.
Attended and Illinois Education Association Retired meeting in Rushville on Tuesday evening.  The speaker was the Illinois Retired president and she told us of the many things which IEAR is involved. 
The local elections were also held on Tuesday.  Hope everyone voted.  The results were not what I would have wished for but that has happened a lot lately.
Wednesday evening was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  Nothing much was accomplished as most of the Board members did not run for reelection so most of the Board will change.  I am sorry that the Board members did not run for reelection as we currently have a good Board which was accomplishing things for the good of our Village and I fear that the new Board will not work for the good of the whole community.
There were eight ladies for Bible study on Thursday morning.  We had cookies from Dot Burdett’s services and have more for next week.  Nice to have freezer space.  The ladies who attend Bible study also made the cookies so they are home made and really good.
Rev. Jeff Rache, from Chaddock, stopped by the store on Thursday.  He said he had uncovered his fish ponds and that his fish are eating.  That moved me to uncover my fish ponds today.  They look awful.  The water levels are low and there is a lot of dead moss and green stuff on top of the water.  I suspect that my fish did not fare well this winter.  The water lilies do look OK so that is good.
While I was working at the store on Friday, got a call that I had two gentlemen standing on the back porch who needed a room.  Since I had cleaned the house somewhat  for a gentleman and his son who were coming to pick up a puppy in Plymouth, I was ready for unexpected guests.  They were from Michigan and come down here to hunt.  Glad they found my B&B.  Seem to be nice guys and hope they will stay here again.
Attended a church SPRC meeting on Friday evening at Living Faith United Methodist Church.  In the Methodist Church, pastors are appointed.  Our new pastor beginning on July 2nd will be Sherry Renner.   We are excited to welcome her to our church.  Many of us already know her.  She was a student at Central when I taught there though she was not in any of my classes.  I like her outgoing and positive attitude.
Went to the musical at Southeastern on Saturday evening.  The title was “You Are A Good Man Charlie Brown”  I hope.  The program is still in the car.  I would like to congratulate the cast, crew, directors and all who helped with the performance.  The sound system was good this year.  One could hear the lines.  Every one did a great job and it was so nice to see our students excel. 
Called Adams yesterday as I could not send or receive email.  While I had the gentleman on the phone, he was flooded with calls.  He told me he had 20 calls and then shortly 30 calls coming in and about that time he decided the server was down.  Tried to get on again after work and they were still down.  Was not sure how I was going to get the “News” to you if there was still a problem today.
All seems to be well.  It is the first time that I have found the server down for that length of time.
The weather this weekend has been wonderful  Finally got out and mowed a bit this afternoon.  Also took a very sharp knife to some unfortunate dandy lions.  I figure if I mow a bit of yard each day or every other day,  I can get a “work out”.  I know just how important exercise is to keeping the body healthy but that does not always mean that I act on that knowledge.
I will be speaking at the Hancock County Historic Society meeting on Saturday at 7 pm in Carthage at the Senior Center.  The topic will be Hair, Clay and History.  I will be talking especially about two homes in Plymouth,  Every one is invited to attend.
Hope you enjoyed the sunshine and higher temperatures.  Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.
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