Plymouth Area News for the week of April 17, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Today is Easter Sunday.  It is a very important day for Christians because it gives meaning and promise for a life after this one.  With so much illness and so much to “worry about” in our world, it is a necessity to believe in something positive for our future.  Happy Easter.
At Living Faith United Methodist Church, the men of the church fixed breakfast for every one after the first service.  Thank you.  The food was generous and really good.  Please know that your efforts were appreciated.  I believe there were approximately 80 people for breakfast.  After the second service I noticed that there were still two Easter baskets which had not been delivered to our shut ins.  One of the baskets was for Forrest White who is at the nursing home in LaHarpe.  I thought that I might actually be the only person in church who knew Forrest and his family when they lived in Plymouth so I scooped up the basket and headed for LaHarpe.  I know how to get there from Plymouth but not from Bowen so I looked at a map.  I saw Joetta, Webster, Fountain Green and a lot of roads which I seldom travel.  Only had to stop once and ask directions.  Found the home and Forrest.  When leaving the nurse told me the code for the door so that the alarm would not go off.  The sound of the alarm followed me all the way to my car!  Hope you had a good Easter.
Kind of slow week at the store.  Happens at this time every year.  Think that we are all out in our yards mowing and trying to get rid of six months of weeds, leaves and debris.  I have been working on the yard all week and there is still a LOT to be done.
Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC on Wednesday evening.  The program was on breast cancer and how to do a self exam.  I think most women do not like to do them and lately I have read where some doctors are no longer recommending them as there are a lot of false positives.  Makes it difficult to know just what to do.  Hostesses for the evening were Bev and Pat Phelps and Carolyn Ussery according to our booklet.
Attended the Donnie Weinberg sale on Friday and prices were such that I came home and ran the store on Friday afternoon.  As I never give up, went back to the auction on Saturday and stayed and was able to get a few things for the store.
Saturday was one of those days.  Got up early and fed my B&B guest.  Attended the auction for six hours, came home and ran the store for two hours.  Headed for Carthage where I spoke to the Hancock County Historic Society on “hair, clay and history”.  Hope everyone enjoyed the program.  I learned quite a bit while researching for it.  I can talk on pottery or antiques without much current research but wanted to include the history of two homes in Plymouth.  Thanks to every one who attended the meeting.
After church I mowed some more and hacked out more weeds.  If you see me in my yard with a very sharp knife with a seven inch blade, do not be alarmed unless you are a dandelion.
I do believe that spring is here.  Enjoy it.  Scatter Kindness.
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