Plymouth Area News for the week of April 24th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Plymouth Old Settlers is sponsoring a matador supper from 4:30-7:00 pm on Saturday, April 29th at the PCCC.  They will be serving matadors, dessert and drinks.  Plan to come out and support Plymouth Old Settlers.
I think everyone is out mowing and cleaning flower beds this week.  I know I have been.  This results in slow days at the antique store so especially want to thank those who have come to shop.  Rebecca Daniels was in a couple of times last week.  They have the Water N Hole in Augusta.  The owners of the Buss Stop have always been very good customers too.  Thanks so much for business owners supporting other local business owners.  Local support helps us all.  Thank you.
Headed to Quincy on Tuesday to stock up my mall booth.  Also got some shopping in while in town.  As you know I hate to shop but sometimes it is necessary.  Bought cement blocks to put around my strawberry bed since the landscape timbers I had around them got removed and nothing put back.  Cement blocks are heavy and it was quite a job hauling them from the van, getting the dirt scraped off and putting them in place but I got it done in three days.  Not the prettiest job but my strawberry plants should stay put now and not run into the grass as they have been.  Also by using blocks, I can plant flowers in the block openings.  Also bought a lawn mower with a bagger so that I can have grass to mulch all the flower and strawberry beds.  Tried putting it together tonight and found that none of the three books which came with the mower actually match the mower.  Oil fill is supposed to be on the top of the mower and it is not.  Lots of information and symbols which do not relate to my mower and that information is given in at least six languages.  Oh dear!!
Went to the Kyle Kelso auction on Saturday.  It was fun.  Bought a lot of stuff for the store.  Will takes days to get it cleaned up and priced but that will be interesting too.  Come in and see the new things when you tire of mowing your yard.
Pastor Dave will be on vacation on Sunday.  Kathy Holst will be our speaker.  She gives really nice messages so plan to come to Living Faith on Sunday to hear her.
Took the covers off my fish ponds a while back but took the frames off them today and weeded around the ponds.  Then I took out a lot of moss and twigs.  Tonight I went out with a bright light and found fish in two of the ponds.  Hopefully there are still fish in the third pond also.  Have to keep fish in them so that mosquitoes do not hatch  in them.  Have a really big lavender water lily in one of the ponds too.
There was a newly hatched Luna moth on my porch today.  Its wings had not dried when I found it.  Spent quite a bit of time checking it to see how it was coming along.  It took several hours for its wings to take shape.  I checked later tonight after dark and it was gone so hope it was able to fly away.  A Luna moth is the large bright green moth with eyes on its wings.  I seldom see them anymore though we hatched them when I was growing up on our farm.  We were always nature lovers and were interested in fossils and Indian relics also.  Think I was lucky picking my parents.
Hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather.  Sometimes I just have to sit down and watch the stars or the sky and just breath in the smells of spring.
Scatter Kindness.
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