Plymouth Area News for the Week of April 6th

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

The Plymouth Old Settler’s Committee is sponsoring a matador dinner on Saturday, April 18th at the PCCC. Serving will be from 4:30 until 7 pm. Dinner will include a matador, drink and dessert for only seven dollars. You may also order them to go.

This has been Holy Week. The Living Faith United Methodist church had a dinner and a program on the stations of the cross on Monday evening. Barb Clem met the speaker while on her Walk to Emmaus and wanted to bring the program to our church. The evening was well attended. On Thursday evening we had our Maundy Thursday service and Friday night was the Good Friday service. The good Friday service is very dark and I wondered just why I put myself through that again and then I remembered just what Jesus put himself through for me on Good Friday. Sunday we had a sunrise service at 6 am followed by breakfast cooked by the men of the church. Very nice service and breakfast. Stayed for the 10 am service as it is totally different from the sunrise service.

Got up at 4 am to view the lunar eclipse on Sunday morning. Evidentially it was Saturday morning as it was not Sunday morning!

Our area has really been hit hard this week. Our sympathy to the following families. Orma Mickle passed away on Saturday. When we moved to Plymouth, she lived two houses west of us. She was obviously a great lady as there were a lot of wonderful comments about her on face book.

Nancy Aleshire passed away on Sunday. Amy and Chuck Aleshire are her children.

Vanita Kipling passed away on Sunday. She was the mother of Sherry Feld who was a classmate of mine and who lives in the Plymouth area.

Viola Thomas passed away on Tuesday. Her daughters Janice Diseron and Cindy Smith both live in Plymouth. The women of Plymouth Women’s Circle fixed a lunch for the family at the PCCC following the service.
Karen Flynn of Colchester passed away on March 31st. She was the daughter of Buford and Lola Hornecker of Augusta.

Hope our area has a better week this week. Please pray for these families.

Tuesday was Ed Newton’s birthday so I took him to the Hotel Nauvoo to celebrate. Great food as usual. Happy Birthday Ed.

Also a Happy Birthday to Dot Burdett who turned 95 on April 1st. Took her a basket of goodies from the church and some small gifts.

Also visited with her again on Saturday evening and was able to see Darla Whitford and Gene Douglas. If you are a friend of Gene, I suggest you go visit with him at Heartland as he is not doing well.

Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting. It was the last meeting before the village elections on Tuesday. I would personally like to thank retiring board members Marlene Kimble, Bruce Eddington and Jim Mattson. Jim has done an outstanding job as mayor. I know it has been a difficult task but he has made some real progress for the village. He mentioned several of the accomplishments of the board during his time as mayor in the village news letter. When you see him, please thank him for his service as well as Bruce and Marlene.

Hope you voted on Tuesday. If you did not, then you have no right to gripe about the actions of the Board.
The final lesson in the current Bible Study series which Pat Phelps taught was held on Thursday morning. There were 11 people present. Joyce Fixed lunch for everyone.

Saturday I attended the 50th wedding anniversary party for John Broadhead and Helen McClure Broadhead. John was in my class and Helen and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Really wonderful to see people who have been married for such a long time.

Hope you had a good Easter and that you were able to attend the church of your choice.

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