Plymouth Area News for the Week of March 30th

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

On Wednesday I ran to Carthage to pick up a new ink cartridge for my computer at Woot PC. While I was there stopped by the County Market store and picked up a Chester chicken dinner for my lunch. I certainly like Chester chicken-think it has a great taste. County Market has a nice store in Carthage. Have been trying to buy more in Hancock County as our county is small in number of population and we need to keep the county as strong as possible.

On Wednesday we ended our 24 week Bible study. It was a great study and I got to all except one meeting and did all my home work. Learned a lot as I had a lot to learn! I am sure that we could all learn more about any topic which we choose.

There were seven ladies present on Thursday morning for the Bible study lead by Pat Phelps. We have one more session of that study.

Had a good day at Plymouth Rock Antiques on Thursday. Thanks to all who came and shopped the store.
The missions committee of Living Faith met on Thursday evening. It was decided that the money form the “march to the cross” would be divided among the Chaddock building project, the book bag project and African University.

Packed all week for an antique show in Paris, MO which was held on Saturday. Left early so that I could work on my booth at Sullivan’s antique mall in Quincy as it is moving to 9th and Hampshire. Found out that the move is not far enough along to need to work on my booth as yet. Stopped by several antique stores in Hannibal. What I notice, as a store owner, is that one is not often welcomed or spoken to when they enter a store. The person behind the desk is often busy on their cell phone rather than doing their job. Sad. The advantage that brick and mortar stores have over the internet should be “personal service”.

Ray and Kathy Goodell also do the Paris show so we stay with friends, Dave and Debbie Hays in Mexico, Missouri. Fun to be with friends for a couple of days. The show had a lot of customers from the opening at 9 am to noon but very few shoppers after lunch. It is a really great small show. Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, packing, reloading, unloading, unpacking and putting things away is a LOT of work. Guess I should consider it as an alternative to working out at the gym.

Had B&B guests arrive while I was still in Hannibal so left them a key to get in. Nice people who have stayed here before. They have a daughter at WIU.

Look forward each year to stopping by the Golden Corral in Hannibal after the show. They have a great restaurant in Hannibal. Was sea food night. They had steak, catfish, salmon, baked fish and a multitude of other selections on their buffet. Really felt sorry for the waitresses as they were running to clear tables and try to keep up. Certainly hope the new Golden Corral which is to be built in Quincy will be as good as the one in Hannibal.

Sunday after church, stopped by the Bowen Dairy Barn cafĂ©. Ron Williamson and his wife were there so sat and chatted with them quite a while. They used to live in Plymouth in the house which was just east of the salt box house. Was interested to learn that they help Lawrence Coffman with a dog kennel. Many, many years ago I knew a man by that name who did Farmer’s Market in Macomb with me. Turned out to be the same man. He used to be from Kellerville and I think he had a store there.

Our sympathy to Richard Bunney on the passing of his mother. Richard is the husband of Mary Fairchild Bunney who you all know from the Forgotten Photos of Plymouth website.

Bowen lost two important buildings this week, the old funeral home and the old Dairy Barn building.

Should have put this in last week’s paper-Dot Burdett will celebrate her 95th birthday on Wednesday, April 1st. You might still send her a birthday card at Heartland health Care, 8 Doctor’s Lane, Macomb, IL 61455. I know she would enjoy a card even though it is a little late for her birthday.

Have a great week. Go to church on Easter Sunday. Without the promise of Easter, life would be pretty bleak.

Scatter Kindness.

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