Plymouth Area News for the week of August 21st, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

The church council of Living Faith UMC met on Monday at 7 pm at the church.  It was the first meeting of the council with our new pastor.  Several plans came out of the meeting.  More later.
Packed and loaded for 3rd Sunday Monday through Thursday.  Try to get it done as early as possible so I can think if I for got anything.
Noticed that Tedd Simmons has been working very hard in the Plymouth Village Park all week.  He has been taking down the things left by Adams including a fence, a metal grate, a lot of gravel and more.  Sorry that Adams will no longer be using the water tower because they provided much needed income for the village.
There has also been painting going on in the park getting it ready for Old Settlers which  is Friday through Sunday of this week.
Have mowed up town and cleaned up a lot of cat nip that has matured and that the bees are no longer working.
Someone dumped two half grown kitties up town on Friday.  Though they look like one of the feral kitties which eats at the store, they are not that one.  These two kitties were tame and one had blue paint on its hind foot.  One of them was almost run over Friday evening, the other is now on my back porch.  I have no idea where the other one is and am concerned because they have always been together and I am sure they are lonely if the other one is even still alive.  It is never a good idea to dump animals thinking that someone else will take care of them for you.  They get hit by cars, killed by coyotes or end up starving.  If you cannot care for your animals, take them to a shelter where they at least have the possibility of being adopted.
Had B&B guests on Friday evening.  They were from Hillsboro, a small town which I love.  They did not get as much attention as they deserved because they went to Macomb on Friday evening and I took off for Bloomington on Saturday morning.  Hope they will return.
I slow cooked pork for BBQ pork this week.  After I tired of sandwiches, made stir fry and added the rest of the BBQ pork.  It was surprisingly good.
As mentioned, headed for Bloomington and 3rd Sunday Market on Saturday morning.  Got there without the low tire light coming on which has happened for the last two months.  Had a new booth location.  Loved it!  Was right beside an unloading door so I was able to unload by myself and get ready to set up before my niece arrived.  We designed the booth and set up.  My show economic forecast shows improvement because we did get some checks this month.  That is good.  There was a really big crowd for the show.  Our building did not get really crowded.  On can tell how big the crowd is inside by how long the women’s bathroom line is and the line never got long.  Went outside to pick up a package and found that the out door buildings were really crowed however. 
Glad to get into a new booth and love the location.  Thanks Mike!
Have my eclipse glasses and was looking forward to the eclipse on Monday.  Our weather forecast is for storms and clouds during that time period so do not know if we will have good viewing or not-rats.
Hope you have a good week.  Hope you will be able to attend Plymouth Old Settlers.  Scatter Kindness which includes being nice to all people and it also means that you should also be kind to your pets and other living things.
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