Plymouth Area News for the week of August 28th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

I bought 10 pairs of eclipse glasses for Monday.  Placed my comfy chair by my van in front of the store and prepared to watch the eclipse.  A very large cloud took care of my planning.  Have talked to others who drove to other areas to watch the eclipse and they had a wonderful experience.  So glad that a whole lot of people still believe in real science and perhaps now understand our solar system better.
Plymouth had over 2 1/2 inches of gentle rain on Monday.  We have been very fortunate as others have received very little precipitation.  Also the rain held off for all of Plymouth Old Settlers-yea.  Again raining very gently this afternoon.
Tuesday, I did something I seldom do.  Heard that Curtis and Nicole Baldwin were having a yard sale so stopped by.  Got some things I really liked.  Think they are going to continue the yard sale for a while so stop by.  They live in the large Aleshire house.  Also went to Colchester to look at some things from a lady who is moving.  Got a really cute child’s trunk.  Restored it on Friday and sold it on Saturday.
Mowed last week thinking it would hold till Old Settlers.  With the rain it did not, so mowed again on Wednesday.  While I was mowing beside the store, my new neighbor, who lives just behind Antiques I, came out and offered to use his rider to help me.  I think I love this new neighbor!
The Plymouth Women’s Circle had a pie and ice cream stand on Saturday of Old Settlers.  As there are a lot of pies one cannot sell without refrigeration, a lot of us were planning to bring the same kind of pie.  Looked in one of my Pie cookbooks and found “Ozark pie” which since I had not heard of, figured no one else would bring that flavor.  Baked a sample on Thursday evening and then baked three more on Friday evening for the event.
The 132nd Plymouth Old Settlers is “in the book” so they say.  I think it was very successful.  There was a pretty good crowd for the ham and bean dinner on Friday evening.  There was a baby contest and a talent contest also.  I had no idea there were so many babies in the Plymouth area.  Saturday morning began early.  The Legion breakfast was wonderful as usual.  When I left, there was a line out the door.  I think they had a really good turn out and deservedly so.  Thanks for a great breakfast.  I opened the Community Center so we could gather and cut pies then went to my store.  The cars from the car show soon began arriving and there were some neat entries.  The parade began a bit late but there were several tractors, floats, horses and even the Southeastern band.  The rest of the day was spent in my store and that is a good thing.  I see so many people who I have not seen since last year.  It is so good to see people come so far to return to Plymouth.  Tom Watson came from New York!  Missed James Aleshire this year.  He did not come back, he lives in California and has been here every year for several years.  Finally closed my store about six pm and grabbed a couple of pizza slices from Brick Wall.  Understand the fish and chicken line was very long but went rapidly and that the food was good.  This year the committee chose Bucky Covington as the entertainer for Saturday evening.  It was a great choice.  The park was filled with people, which it has not been for several years.  The people stayed for the entire program.  It was neat to see a few people holding lighters and really enjoying the music.  I also liked the band which backed up Bucky.  They were really good and I understand that the drummer was Bucky’s twin.  Good choice.  I got a kick out of the fan behind Bucky which was blowing his hair sort of like one of the almost butter commercials-cute.  And to the older gentleman who was vocaling complaining at the restaurant today “worst music they ever had”, one needs to remember that not every one likes Lawrence Welk or even my favorite, Neil Diamond and the committee has to choose someone that the majority of the crowd will enjoy and also some one who they can afford.  Thank you Plymouth Old Settler’s Committee for doing a great job.
One of the two kitties that was tossed out up town last Friday seems to have made her home on my back porch.  She is very friendly and has grown about a third in the past week.  She is now Helen.  Stop by and say hi to her.
Hope you got to see the eclipse, enjoyed Old Settler’s and that you will Scatter Kindness this week.
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