Plymouth Area News for the week of September 4th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Missed that Eileen Allison passed away August 25th at her home.  She was a twin of Maxine Campbell and they both lived in Plymouth.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.
The Staff Parish Relations Committee met at the Living Faith United Methodist Church on Monday evening.  We are sorry to be losing Chris Lambert as our secretary, but actually she does so much more than a secretary.  We will certainly miss her as her family is moving to Ohio where her husband has taken a job.  We are looking for someone to take over her position.
Mowing, mowing, mowing the rain has made my lawn grow.  Have been spoiled this summer with not having to mow it often.
Try to get to Quincy more than once a month to stock up my antique mall booth.  This summer I have been lucky to get there once a month.  Went on Wednesday and cleaned and stocked, paid my rent and picked up my check.  Of course had to eat at the Golden Corral while I was in Quincy. 
There have been two recalls on my Dodge Caravan.  The last one said that the air bag might deploy when it was not supposed to do so.  As that sounded rather serious to me, figured I needed to get it fixed.  Found the nearest Dodge dealer was in Macomb and got it fixed on Thursday morning.  Glad to get that taken care of.
As you may have figured out, this weekend was Labor Day weekend.  Since I set up at Argyle for many years, I always have to go see who is set up there and what they have.  Went over both Friday and Saturday mornings before I opened my store.  Bought an interesting brown stoneware water cooler, three Morton creamers which are pretty rare, two ducks and a few other things.  Also had to go to Colchester to see what Gordy and Judy had for sale.  They had a really big booth next to the highway just East of Colchester.
Had a really good crowd at Plymouth Rock Antiques on Saturday.  Always get some traffic from Argyle.  Appreciated all the customers.  Thank You.
During Old Settlers, a fella came in and asked if I was Joyce.  Said I was and he told me he gets my column third hand.  Asked him if he wanted it first hand and he said “no” that he gets it every week.  Such fun to meet people who actually read my weekly column.
Talked to Bruce Morton this week and he will be speaking at several events about his books on Forgottonia.  I believe his first engagement is on September 19th at 7 pm at the center in Friendway Park in Colchester.  He will be speaking to the Historic Society.  He will also have his books for sale at the event.  Will try to let you know about the other events too.
We have a new pastor, Sheri Renner.  We love her and our attendance is sliding upward.  We had fourteen children for the children’s time today.  That is just wonderful.  So happy to see young people in the church again!  Pastor Sheri is very active in the community and helps out others who may not have a church.  If you do not have a church home, please consider joining us at 10 am on Sunday morning.
If you see Dorothy Torok this week, wish her a Happy Birthday.  She will turn 102 on Tuesday.  She is Pat Phelps mother and lives just east of Plymouth.
Hope you had a good holiday.  I know we all hate to see summer wind down.  Scatter Kindness.
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