Plymouth Area News for the week of September 11th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Plymouth Rock Antiques was open on Labor Day though I doubt that many other stores were.  We had 4 people come to the store including a couple from Peoria who come to shop my store and who have bought many things there including spinning wheels, a rope bed and this time a crock.  The gentleman works at Kelly’s Seeds in Peoria and I have also sold them several things including a Peoria Pickle crock which is pretty rare.  Love that store!
Tuesday morning while I was looking out my kitchen window, a young fox was drinking out of one of the fish ponds.  Normally I keep the ponds covered but this year I took the cages off them.  They look better and the wild life has enjoyed them not being covered but now they are full of dead leaves which is only going to get worse as the leaves fall.  The dead leaves will sink to the bottom of the ponds then I will have a batch of gook in the bottom.  Oh well.
Kent Morton, brother of Bruce Morton of Bowen, passed away in Florida on Wednesday.  Our sympathy to Bruce and Kent’s family and friends.  Services for Kent will be held in Bowen at a later date.
The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  I think it was decided to put off most of the street work until next year so that money could be saved up to do more streets.  There was a lot of discussion on streets and water problems caused by the streets being higher than owners property.  The cost of sidewalk repair and who would pay for it was also discussed.
Thursday I went to the Lowderman Auction in Macomb.  So did many others from Plymouth.  Got some captains chairs, a small table, a child’s rocker and more.
Friday a gentleman from Michigan arrived at Plymouth Rock Roost B&B as he is checking on land on which to bow hunt later this fall.  His nephew also came on Saturday evening and both are staying tonight, Sunday also.  Really nice gentlemen.
Saturday. my nice Marcella and nephew, Roger stopped by the store.  Marcella is trying to help a family dispose of their items but though they asked, do not want to do what I suggested-an auction. 
Sunday was breakfast for the hunters, Church, trip to Macomb to buy fruit and bread as the hunters will not eat blueberries which is what I had.  Seems Michigan is the home of blueberries so my store bought  ones probably are not too exciting for them!  Then I watered plants and mowed a bit of yard.  No Sunday nap today.
I fixed “tater tot casserole” yesterday.  Forgot how much I like it.  Of course I had to change the recipe.  I used a pound and a half of ground turkey browned with a large chopped onion.  When that was done, I added a can of mushroom soup not diluted.  Sprayed and 8 by 8 baking dish with spray and added the meat mixture.  Topped it with 4 slices of sharp cheddar cheese and topped the cheese with frozen steak fries and baked it at 350 for 30 minutes.  Actually it was really good.  Larry hope you read this to the end and got the recipe!
The weather has been wonderful.  There was a really unusual cloud formation one afternoon.  There was a horizontal cloud across the sky and then many zig zag clouds coming from it perpendicular the the main cloud.  It was so unusual that I took a photo of it with my tablet and sent it to Mike Cole.  Will try to remember to put the picture on face book tomorrow so many of you can see it.
Scatter Kindness.
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