Plymouth Area News for the week of August 26th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


In April the Voice printed a map of the future location of wind turbines in McDonough and Warren counties.  Since I have a physics degree and am very much in favor of conservation and trying to save our planet for future generations, I am in favor of alternate energy supplies.  I have seen wind farms in other places but have never had the opportunity to see one being built.  There is a wind turbine part storage area near Tennessee, Il.  I have noticed that the turbine parts have been disappearing so I knew that construction had begun.  With map in hand, Limabn and I headed north today.  I thought some of the turbines would be close to Argyle lake so headed in that direction.  After traveling down smaller and smaller roads, I discovered that the turbines in progress were nearer Sciota.  It would have been easier to take the Blandinsville black top north out of Tennessee to the highway and then go to Sciota.  I found turbines T 66, 67, 57, 58, 59 and T48.  I found that some are just starting to be built and that none are very far along.  I also found that there must be opposition as several roads had yellow sign with “no wind farm traffic” printed on them.  T48 was the closest to the road and has only part of the base platform built, so that is the one that I will try to watch being constructed.  It is exciting to see solar and wind energy both being harnessed in Illinois.

Monday I had a lovely letter from a former student telling me how I had impacted her life.  If you would like to thank someone, just do it.  It will make their day!

Learned on Tuesday that a friend had passed away.  Our sympathy to the family of Elaine Worman from Industry.  We were both teachers and we both did antique shows.  Lovely lady.  Will miss her.

Finally got one of those fake phone calls on Tuesday telling me that my social security number was being suspended.  If you get a similar call, hang up.  I did not listen long enough to see what information they were going to ask for and you should not either.  The caller is just trying to get information from you to steal your identity to open an account in your name.

Finally got the van unloaded from 3rd Sunday Market, so promptly went to Macomb and purchased more merchandise.  Spent the rest of the week pricing it and trying to find a place for more things in my stores.  They are getting a bit crowded.

James Aleshire, his daughter and two granddaughters arrived on Friday for Old Settlers.  Always good to have them stay.

The 134th Plymouth Old Settlers in “in the books” as they say.  A big thank you to the committee.  The stage was beautiful.  Someone did a really good job decorating it.  The weather was perfect.  The parade was nice.  There were a lot of tractors in the parade as the theme was “Thank a Farmer”.  Thought the big walking chicken sponsored by K D’s Coop was really cute.  Missed the first part of the Saturday evening entertainment but saw the last of it.  There was a good crowd for the show.  The lead singer had a good voice.  Did not know him but think we may hear more about his group in the future.  Appreciated the great breakfast put on by the Legion.  They had a nice crowd on Saturday morning.

Hope you had a chance to attend Plymouth Old Settlers.  Hope you have a good week.  Be kind to all God’s creatures.

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