Plymouth Area News for the week of August 19th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Many years ago when I taught at Central, I taught with Anna Veile. I see her son Bernie often at auctions. Her family lived in Camp Point.  Noted in the paper that she passed away on Wednesday.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.  Also lost a stoneware friend, Gary Love, this week.  So sorry to hear.

Cleaned up some metal and pop cans and took them to the recycle center in Colchester.  Don’t get much for scrap but it certainly is good to clean some things out of the garage.  Continued on to Macomb and Rushville as a friend owns an antique shop in Rushville and he had a bird house I wanted to look at.  My Caravan chose to not start again once I got to Rushville.  Asked the shop owner where a good car place was in Rushville and he told me there was a shop only a block and a half from my dead car.  They came and stated the car, took it back to their shop, checked the battery and put in a new one.  I was very grateful and they were very kind.  If your car choses to die in Rushville, I highly recommend Clarks Auto Repair.

I have had coons in the kitty house and now in the garage.  They are determined little creatures!  Have new wire on the kitty house and some new vents on the garage soffit.  No coons for two whole nights now.  I bought marshmallows for the live traps.  They had better look out.

Went to Farmer’s Market in Macomb on Thursday morning and got some fresh beets and some huge white Calhoun County peaches.  Have really been enjoying the peaches.

Went to the Buss Stop for chicken livers on Thursday evening and found three people from Living Faith also there.  Glad to share dinner with friends.  Of course the chicken livers were great as always.

The Potter Thrift Shop on the east side of the Plymouth Square opened on Saturday morning.  Stopped in for a minute and got a cute child’s pedestal cake stand.  Please check out their new shop.

Plymouth Old Settler’s is this week.  It starts on Friday evening and runs through Sunday morning.  All the entertainment is free.  The Baptist Church will sponsor a church service in the park on Sunday morning.  Please come to Plymouth for the 134th I think Old Settlers celebration.  Parade and car show on Saturday as well as the evening program.  There is always a chicken and fish dinner on Saturday evening.  There have been schedules in the paper or you can pick up a schedule at the antique store.

The Legion will also have a breakfast on Saturday morning.  It is always great, so come and support the Legion too.

Headed off to Bloomington on Saturday morning for 3rd Sunday market.  Went through a bit of rain but the rain stopped in time for us to unload.  Got set up and went shopping as usual.  Think I sold all I bought for resale.  Bought a beautiful 8 gallon salt glazed crock decorated with blue roses as a birthday present for me.  Love it.  Had a pretty good show.  It is fun to do the show for many reasons.  The people are very nice.  Our booth is located by the rest rooms so everyone walks by our booth sometimes more than once.  People watching is really great.  I am simply amazed how many people have extensive tattoos now-both men and women.  Some are quite beautiful and tasteful and some are “what were you thinking?”  It is also fun to child watch.  We always have Beanie Babies and some kids are really happy to get one.  One cute little girl was delighted with a lavender bear today.

Hancock County Retired Teachers will meet on Monday, September 9th at 11:30 am at the Nauvoo UMC.  After lunch the program will be given by Mike Blickhan, region 9 Director.  For reservations please call 309 313 3914 by September 1st.

Long day, longer week.  Hope you had a good one.  Scatter Kindness.




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