Plymouth Area News for the week of August 12th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Noticed that two of my kitties were eating a lot more.  Then I noticed that they were getting their water dirty.  Have to admit that I was a lot slow about the fact that a coon was getting into their home.  They have a screened in front porch and the holes in the wire are quite small but somehow a coon was getting in.  Talked to my neighbor and he said he would fix it if I got some chicken wire.  I found what we called hardware cloth at Ace Hardware and it had very small squares so I knew that no coon could get through those holes.  Asked a nice young man, who helped me, for 34 feet of the wire.  He had a 25 foot rule.  He measured 25 feet and then 3 more.  My fault here!   I went back with my ticket and explained what had happened to another person and asked for my other 6 feet of wire.  After getting It, I saw the young man who had helped me.  I asked him what 25 plus 3 was.  Eventually he answered me.  I then asked him how much wire I asked for and he correctly said 34 feet.  The next words out of his mouth were “oh I gave you too much”.  Victor and Victoria are quite happy to no longer be asked to share their dinner.

Jo Webster and Carol and Dennis Rankin were on the Today Show on Monday.  So glad they were able to do that.  They were in the audience and were featured when the Today Show members go outside to speak with visitors.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  The Board room was packed.  Both Curtis Baldwin and Michelle Burton resigned from the Board.  I think that was the honorable and in the best interest of the village thing to do.  Thank you to both people for putting the best interest of the Village ahead of personal pride.  Now let’s get to work and get Plymouth cleaned up!

On Thursday I finally finished unloading my van from the auction a week earlier.  Just seemed busy all week at the store.  That is a good thing.

Friday and Saturday brought B&B guests to Plymouth.  A lovely young couple from Missouri and their two year old daughter came for a funeral of a family member from Texas who had been killed in a motor cycle accident.  I am really hesitant to have small children at the B&B.  Fell in love with this young lady and so did Prince Harry.  Paul and Julie Meints from Bloomington came to stay because the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Golden was celebrating 150 years.  Paul’s mother was a cook at Central when I taught there.  She fed me for 23 years and we all loved her.  Glad to see her son.

The church was highly decorated this morning.  Bible school started tonight, Sunday.  Hope all goes well.  We had a great group last year.  There will be a pot luck at the Living Faith United Methodist Church next Sunday as part of the end of Bible School celebration.

Hope you have a good week.  It is important to follow these words of John Wesley, “Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God”.  Doing no harm is especially important.  Be kind in both words and actions.

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