Plymouth Area News for the week of August 5th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


A really big thank you to Donna Harrison who headed the Back Pack Giveaway at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen today.  The give away is open to all students in the Southeastern School District.  We served 76 families and approximately 200 students.  The event was scheduled from 2 to 4 pm but people were in line much earlier.  This is a community event with many people helping.  Thanks to the FFA who sent students to help guide everyone to the needed supplies.  We have a supply list for all classes as well as back packs.  Think we started with 230 back packs and had about 60 left.  Members of the church, other churches, businesses, villages, a Penny Power Grant from Adams Electric and more helped pay for the event.  If you would still like to help, a check may  be sent to the church with “back pack project” on the memo line.  Thanks to all who helped and all who attended.

Vacation bible School will be at Living Faith from August 11-14 and the 16th.  It will run from 5-7:30 each evening and supper will be served.  All children between the ages of K-6th grade are welcome.  Hope I have the ages correct!

As you all probably know, there were two more mass shootings this weekend.  Morgan McGee, granddaughter of A J Johnson, was at the Ohio venue during the shooting.  She is unhurt but no one should be  witness  to such a horrific event.  Prayers for her and all those affected by the shootings.  This has to stop.

My Bed and Breakfast has been booked for the first shot gun season since we opened in 1984.  I just had the whole house cancel for the first shot gun season this year.  I just turned down a customer and am not sure that I can find his number again.  If anyone is interested in staying during the first shot gun deer season, please let me know.

Had a B&B guest Friday and Saturday nights.  He was here for star gazing at Weinberg-King State Park.  He was from Chicago where light pollution makes it impossible to look at the stars.  Said it was a great evening and that they are planning to come back.

You may have noticed activity at the Community Center.   Potter’s Thrift store will be opening there on August 17th.  Looks like they have a lot of merchandise already.  The news article in this week’s Eagle was not entirely correct.

The Metzger house now has a new roof.  Glad that is done.  We plan to completely renovate the house, add a bathroom upstairs and completely redo the inside.  Insulation and drywall as well as new windows and siding will also be added.  We are looking for a family  to purchase the house and live in it.  If you are interested, please let me know.

If you happen to be in Macomb and want to eat there, Max and Molly’s has reopened as the Hometown Café.  It does not look like much has changed except they are open every day and have longer hours.  Still have the all you can eat chicken, cat fish strips an pasta specials.  Of course we want you to eat at KD’s Coop, the Buss Stop, Jen’s Bowen Arrow and Rusty Red’s Farm Table whenever possible!

Attended the Lowderman Auction on Thursday.  They had a lot of racks of goodies.  Can’t watch two rings at the same time and missed a stoneware dog which I collect and which went very reasonably.  Did get other things however.

Hope you had a good week.  Remember to be kind to all those you come in contact with this week.

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