Plymouth Area News for the week of July 29th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner

Have decided it is “all downhill” from Bloomington to Plymouth.  My van has a mileage setting.  The miles per gallon kept increasing on the way home.  As a result, the distance to empty decreased very little.  I find it hard to believe that a fully loaded Caravan can get 32.5 miles per gallon.  It is 120 miles to Bloomington and we showed a decrease of 60 miles in the distance to empty on the way home.  Love it!

Monday, I went to Quincy to pay my rent at the antique mall.  Saw Jo Webster at Aldi’s.

Tuesday was my birthday.  Celebrated by sweating at the store and beginning to unload from 3rd Sunday.

Wednesday Ed Newton took me to eat at the Hotel Nauvoo for my birthday.  I love Wednesdays at the Hotel because they have ribs on Wednesday.  Very nice evening.  Also thank you to all who took the time to write birthday cards.  I know it is not popular these days but you would be surprised just how much a real card means to those of us who are “older”.  If you celebrated a birthday this week, I hope it was a good one.  We should all be thankful for each day that the Lord provides for us.  Some are not so lucky.  Got word today that Bill and Shirley Swango’s daughter, Christy Swango-Edwards, passed away unexpectedly yesterday.  The Swango’s manage the Red Brick School House in Smithfield where I set up for Spoon River Drive.  So sorry to hear of their loss.

Attended the Marine Bank picnic in Carthage on Thursday.  It is very nice for a business to do nice things for their customers.  The evening was marred by the “dress or lack of it”  of one person present and then the fight in the parking lot by the same people.  It is so sad that a very few, who have no idea how to act in public, can mar an evening.    Again thanks to the Marine Bank for providing the dinner and the entertainment.

Saturday there was an auction in Warsaw.  Seldom get to Warsaw and it is a lovely town.  It was established in 1812, and is therefore a very early town in Illinois which did not become a state until 1818.  There are a lot of very early homes in the town.  The auction included personal property and the home.  The home was cute but the back yard and out buildings were fantastic.  There were flowers everywhere.  Flower beds were surrounded by stones and drift wood.  There was a really cute summer kitchen and other small buildings.  The garage had large windows and a work shop.  I hope the new owners love the home as much as the last owners did.  Sad to know that the family no longer had need of the home as they had passed away.

Made the most amazing chicken salad purely by accident this week.  As I just sort of just add ingredients, will give what I feel were the approximate measurements.  You will need a food processor and I used 2 rotisserie chicken breasts from Sam’s.

Process a medium onion.  Add an unpeeled apple with seeds removed and process.  Add 2 chicken breasts, about 1/3 cup sweet pickle relish, 1/3 cup Miracle whip, 2 tablespoons of sugar, some honey mustard dressing and process until mixed but still is a bit chunky.  This is very light due to the apple and I thought it was really good.

Normally I would use celery but was out of celery so I had an apple.  Try it!

After church, picked up my fair entries from the Stienbarger’s.  Thanks so much to them for picking up my entries since I was unable to do so.  Then actually took the afternoon off.  A rare treat indeed.  Hope you also had a good Sunday.  Have a great week.  Though it may be difficult at times, try to be kind to others.




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