Plymouth Area News for the week of August 27th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Two long time residents of the area passed away this week.  Donna Hopping passed away on August 21st.  Hazel Flack passed away on August 20th.  Her funeral was at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen.  Our sympathy to the friends and families of these women.
Also I would like to remember John McCain.  He was a true hero and a man who tried to work for the good of our country no matter which political party was in power.  He ran for president and I feel that if he had picked a better running mate, that he would have been elected.  Our sympathy for the country in losing a person who was willing to work with both parties for the common good.
Of course the big news from Plymouth this week was that it was Old Settlers week.  Plymouth celebrated its 133rd Old Settlers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 24-26th.  The weather cooperated even though I was not sure that it was going to do so.  I got a list of volunteers from Dave Ellis but will not  try to name them all as I know someone would get left out.  So many people go into making a successful event.  The talent show on Friday evening had numerous entries.  Kelly and Blaid Steele were in charge of that.  I feel that a talent show is a wonderful idea.  With so many TV shows having talent as their theme, it is also very timely.  Alex Ussery did a great job as MC.  I had no idea that he was such a good speaker.  Well done.
Saturday morning really got started by going to the Legion for breakfast.  It was great as always.  Am going to have to go earlier next year as all of Mary Ruth’s breakfast casserole was gone by the time I got there.  Thanks Legion for providing such a wonderful breakfast to get everyone’s day off to a good start.
Saturday morning was a bit stressful for Dave Ellis who I think heads up the whole committee.  When the band arrived, they immediately wanted a place for the bus driver to stay.  That was not in the contract, Dave had no idea that would be needed so as I had mentioned I had two cancellations at Plymouth Rock Roost, I said that the driver could stay here.  Getting him here was no easy accomplishment however.  I needed to get supplies to a parade entry and Dave needed to get entries done for the car show but the driver did not understand that we had other things to do besides wait for him.  We eventually got him settled.  Later it was determined that the whole band needed a place to shower!  Said that also could take place at my home.  Evidentially that happened as I found a whole stack of wet towels tossed on my floor. 
Chad and Caitlin Bostic were in charge of the parade which went off very well for the part which I saw.  As I was in the parade did not get to see it all.  I thought that the choice of Pat Phelps as grand marshal was a wonderful choice.  She is very deserving.  Must admit that when I saw the information about Pat in this paper, I nearly had a stroke because it looked like an obit!  Any way she was a great choice and looked very nice riding in Jake Henson’s wonderful wooden vegetable truck.  Congratulations! 
Greg Phelps did a great job as announcer as did Gary Hurt with information and the button drawings.  Also saw Sure Roberts helping with the Old Settlers stand.  Mel Dorethy is always where ever needed at Old Settlers.  She is a marvel. 
Saturday evening brought the annual fish and chicken dinner.  I would like to thank whoever cooked the fish and chicken.  It was great.  Had both and my chicken was cooked to perfection!  Had dinner with Haley Dixon and her new husband, Carl, and father Stan Dixon.  Then we moved to watch the Trent Tomlinson Show. 
Sunday morning the Baptist Church of Plymouth had church services in the park and I believe they also furnished lunch though I never saw it advertised.  All in All, I think we can say that the 133rd Old Settlers was a great success.  Thanks to all who put so much work into the event.
A service for Keith Horney was held at the American Legion on Sunday.  His ashes were then taken to Scotts Cemetery.  Had a lovely couple at the B&B who were here for that event.
I need to tell you about two scams that were tried on me this week.  Got a call saying it was from Ameren and that there was a work order to shut of my electricity.  Asked him which account.  He said one of the antique store addresses.  Asked him which account as there were two at that address.  As he could not pronounce Plymouth, asked him to spell it.  At that point, HE hung up.  Second scam was a booking for 10 adults in 5 rooms for 10 days.  They then want to overpay with a credit card and have you  refund the difference.  Of course since the whole thing is just a scam, you are out whatever you refund them.  At least I am smarter than to fall for that scam.
Hancock Retired teachers will meet on Monday, Sept 10th in Nauvoo.  You may make reservations by calling 217 505 1026.
Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness!
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