Plymouth Area News for the week of September 3rd, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Took one of my mini vacations last week.  That is an hour on the bank of the Mississippi River.  I am only about 30 minutes from the Mississippi where the river is a mile wide.  The water lilies are still trying to bloom.  There are a lot of them where I stop which means the river is very shallow there.  One of these days I need to get a fishing license again and try to catch supper while on “vacation”.
Monday evening I had a surprise guest.  As she had an apartment in Macomb, still have not figured out why she came to stay at my B&B.  She was a lovely young lady so was glad to have here here.
Trekked to Quincy on Wednesday to stock up my booth is Sullivan’s Antiques and More.  Did a bit of shopping and of course had a great lunch while in Quincy.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday had hunters from Florida here at the B&B.  Think they are getting ready for their fall hunt.  They were here last year too.  Remember selling one of them a horse collar mirror and as they were from Miami, doubted that there were many horse collar mirrors available down there.  Nice guys!  One had a great camera and was interested in photographing birds.  He said that he had visited a friend here who had a lot of hummers around their feeders.  I am lucky to have one or two and they are usually working my butter fly bushes rather than a feeder.  A friend said they were eating so much that she figured they were getting ready to migrate.
Well it is Labor Day weekend.  That means summer is officially over.  Really look forward to spring and summer, fall is good but winter always seems to follow fall and winter is not so good! 
 Went to Argyle on Friday morning and Sunday afternoon.  It is my feeling that “Argyle” is about to die.  That is really a tragedy for the area.  When it was held under the trees, literally thousands of people descended on the show.  I am sure it brought literly millions of tourist dollars into the area with the hotels being filled and the restaurants in the area experiencing increased business.  I have really never understood the reason for taking the flea market out from under the trees.  At the time the reason given was that the foot traffic was hurting the tree roots and harming the trees.  Every one knows that the pines at Argyle are not native trees and that they have a limited life span because of that.  Though I no longer set up at Argyle, I still love to go out and shop and see some friends there.
After church, went to Colchester to the parade.  It was a lovely day.  Though it was warm, there was a nice breeze.  Had a choice of parades at Nauvoo or Colchester but Colchester was closer. 
Checked on Dennis and Judy Gordy, from Plymouth, who were set up just east of Colchester, but they were pretty much torn down by the time I got there.  I know that by Sunday evening one is ready to pack up if you set up your stand on Thursday and open on Friday.
Parked at the Methodist Church in Colchester.  I was very happy to see a large set of solar panels behind the church.  They also had a lovely yellow swing behind the church.  Am going to have to bring these ideas up at the next church council meeting.  Hum.. guess I am chairperson of that committee!
Saturday the Plymouth Women’s Circle served lunch after the Richard Smith services which were held at the Plymouth Circle Community Center.  Looks like our group is getting smaller and older.  We surely could use some new and younger blood.  You need not have attended church at this building to belong.  You just need to have an interest in helping our community.  We keep up the building, provide dinners for funerals or other gatherings, have monthly meetings with interesting programs and fellowship.  Why not consider joining us?
Had early and late customers at Plymouth Rock Antiques on Saturday.  That is great!  Only problem was that there were not many there during regular hours.  Was asked several times to be open on labor Day so I will be at the store.  Hope some people do drop in.
Hope you had a great end of summer holiday.  Be kind to and pray for your neighbors. 
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