Plymouth Area News for the week of August 6th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Last week Judy Ruggles called to tell me her brother in law, Bob Ruggles, 79 of Richmond, Virginia had passed away.  Bob was the brother of Rich, Judy’s late husband, and Frieda Ward.  Bob’s wife, Donna is a pastor. They have two sons, Kevin and Mike. Bob was on the Plymouth basket ball team that went to state. I am sure that many Plymouth area people will remember this family.  Our sympathy to the family and their friends.
Noted in the paper that Todd Brough passed away on July 28th at 44 years of age.  Can not even imagine the pain of losing a father, son, husband at such a young age.
Was surprised to have James Aleshire stop by on Sunday evening with his daughter.  Was very happy to see them but sorry to learn that James would not be here for Old settlers this year. 
I left a bid with Sullivan Auctioneers for a guest book from Vishnu Springs.  It was for the years 1968-1971.  Since our farm bordered Vishnu and since we often visited there, I wanted to keep the book in the area.  Got a call on Monday that the guest book was mine and that there would be no charge.  What a very nice thing for Sullivan Auctioneers to do for me.  A big thanks to Dan Sullivan in particular.  Thank You!
Bruce Morton  had the third book in his series on Forgottonia published recently.  The title is “Forgottonia the Suburbs”.  Bruce mentioned at church this morning that he has worked on this series of photographs for over twelve years.  Congratulations Bruce.  If you would like a copy of this newest book, you may contact Bruce.
Tuesday I went to Bushnell  to buy antiques.  If you need any cast iron cook ware or copper boilers, just stop by Plymouth Rock Antiques.
The Plymouth Village Board meeting was on Wednesday evening.  The meeting room was full of guests.  The Board hired a new policeman.  I felt that the meeting went pretty well despite some dissent from some of the crowd in attendance.  Pleasing everyone is very difficult.  I feel that if we can get more police protection, that a lot of other problems will also be solved.
Had two separate couples in the antique store on Friday who were looking for family in the Plymouth cemetery.  The family names they were searching for were Cludray and Bickford.  Both families were successful in finding their relatives.  Both families also told me how nice the cemetery looks.  That is the third group of people who have told me haw nice the cemetery is being kept this year.  I want to pass this compliment on to the Village Board who chose to have the cemetery work done by our village employees and volunteers.  Thank you for the good work.
Sunday, Living Faith United Methodist Church, with the support of many others, had a back pack and school supply give away.  The event was held at the church from 2 to 4 pm.  There were people in line shortly after noon.  Our thanks to many members of the FFA and other school students who helped the students to get the proper supplies.  A big thank you to Donna Harrison who spear heads the whole event.  We served approximately 100 families and approximately 200 students.  I am sure that many parents are glad to have many of their children’s school supplies in hand before school begins.  Thanks to all who helped out in any way.
The church looked very festive today.  It was totally decorated for Bible School which runs all this week from 5:30 to 8 pm.  Also good to have Pastor Sheri back from school and vacation.
Since my garden is now producing fresh tomatoes, it is BLT season.  Bought a pound of bacon and fixed the first round of BLTs.  As you know bacon is wonderful but unhealthy and a pound fries down to very little actual meat.  Decided to try turkey bacon.  I will be the first to admit that it does not taste as good but it has  advantages.  It is fully cooked so does not “cook down”, it is more healthy and you get a lot more meat from the pound so you can make  more sandwiches.  It you are interested in a more healthy alterative, you might be pleased with turkey bacon.
Hope you have a good week.  Pray for your neighbors and friends and for peace in the world-might as well go BIG.  Scatter Kindness.
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