Plymouth Area News for the week of August 7th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

A really big thank you to Donna Harrison for all the work she and her family did for the back pack project held at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen today.  We served 70 families and 168 students at last count.  There will undoubtedly be a few more than that.  Members of the FFA and the National Honor Society helped out with the distribution of the supplies as well as many others in the church, school and community.  I think this project is in it’s 6th year and has been good fit for both the church and the students of the Southeastern School District.  Thanks Donna for a job well done.  Now you can start planning for next year!
Monday I went to Quincy to stock my booth at the antique mall and pay my rent.  It was the 31st!  While in Quincy I continued my rack buying saga.  I wanted to organize my linen closet so bought a rack for it.  It was too large.  I went to Menards, Lowes and Home Depot in Quincy.  Lowes and Home Depot had identical metal shelving for 49.95.  Since I was at Home Depot, bought one and it rang up at 39.95.  The next week, Aldi had the same rack for 29.95 so bought another to cost average.  The next week Menards had the same rack at 24.95 with a $5 refund so that made them 19.95.  Bought two more to cost average.  Checked to see what the price was after the sale went off and they were on sale for 29.95 which is still cheaper that 49.95 at Lowes and Home depot.  I guess it really does pay to look at some of those ads in the paper.  I put one in the linen closet, one in the laundry room and two in the store.  I am going to be so organized!
Attended the Nauvoo pageant on Monday as this week was the last week for the pageant.  I especially appreciate the bagpipe music while waiting for the pageant to start.  One can reserve their seat then go back out and be a part of the activities.  It was great as usual and there were protestors as usual.  Why can’t people from other churches  enjoy the pageant or just stay home.
Mary Bryant, my sister in law, passed away on Thursday.  She lived in Florida.
Stanley White also passed away this week.  He is Gerald White’s brother.  Our sympathy to both families.
Had a B&B guest scheduled for Friday evening.  I cleaned the house, scrubbed the bath room floor on my knees, washed the bathroom rugs, bought fruit and special pancake makings and waited and waited.  I did not go to an ice cream social I wanted to attend and stayed up until midnight in case the customer had gone to the pageant which would have put him here later than his expected 6 pm arrival.  He did not come or call and the next day emailed that he had car trouble.  If you think that owning a B&B would be great fun, you might want to reconsider.
Just ate most of a pound of bacon.  I mentioned to Freddie Hoelscher that my tomatoes were not ripe.  The next day Peggy came with a sack of ripe tomatoes for me.  I already had 12 grain bread, bacon, thousand island dressing and some great lettuce so I feasted on BLT’s for supper.  Thanks Freddie for the lovely tomatoes.
Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler than normal temperatures.  We also got a lovely rain last night.  My gage had a half inch in it.  Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.
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