Plymouth Area News for the week of July 31st, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Wesley Village is holding an ice cream social on Friday, August 4th from 6-8 pm.  Entertainment will be provided by Bullis Rutter Big Band (if I can read my writing correctly-sorry).  This is a fund raiser for the Pursuit of Home Project in the memory care unit. 
Monday evening Babe and Larry Hiland invited me to come to a family cookout at their home south of Augusta.  I was delighted to join the family.  Met some really nice folks and enjoyed dinner and visiting with every one.  Babe and Larry have a beautiful home and back yard over looking a lake.  Just lovely!
Have been mowing yard about every other day.  Eventually I get it all mowed and start over. Fortunately it is in sections which can be mowed separately so that I don’t have to do it all at once.  Lead one potential B&B customer to say “that it looked like no one lived here”.  Oh well one just can’t please every one I guess.
Been getting some painting done at the store.  Dylan has gotten the blue painted on the café building.  Been needing it for a while.  Hard to get everything done-previous comment about yard!
Thursday the Marine Bank held their Customer Appreciation Day at the Jaycee Park in Carthage.  Since the weather was great, there was a very large crowd.  It is really nice of businesses to have these types of events.  It is appreciated.  They served dinner and had entertainment and door prizes.
I am always outside so when I get a call on my home phone, I am usually not inside to answer it.  Heard the phone ringing and ran in the house to get it.  Just missed the call so immediately called back and said “you just called me”, the party immediately slammed down the phone so I guess they really did not need to talk with me.  Seems strange that when one immediately returns a call that the caller no longer wants to talk to you.
Learned something everyone should already know.  Had a gutter clog which is just a bit too high for me to reach.  Climbed up on a green plastic chair like I always do to reach the top of the gutter.  Only this time the bottom went out of the chair and my foot went through it on to the ground.  In the process scraped the front of my leg and cut the back of it.  I have some lovely bruises but no bad damage.  Perhaps that is why companies make ladders to climb up and other companies make chairs to sit down on. Hopefully I will not make that mistake again soon.
Kyle Kelso had a huge auction on Saturday.  They ran three rings with  Will Sullivan and Dick Gaskill auctioning in two of them.  A young man from the northern part of the state was also auctioneering.  They all did a really good job.  I was only watching the ring with antiques and prices were very strong in it.  I was amazed at some of the prices for parts of beds, mirrors etc which had been painted and repurposed with black board paint.  I would hate to cut up a walnut bed to make a painted sign out of it but the parts were bringing a lot more money than I have on the whole antique bed.  Good hard wood items were selling cheaply but I just cannot get a wardrobe or a huge cupboard in my Caravan.
Getting quotes to paint my home has been interesting.  I mentioned that I had a young couple immediately respond to my request for a bid.  They came over, looked at the house, measured it and came back with a quote in a couple of days.  Another gentleman came and looked at the house, I stayed home Wednesday evening because he said he would come by with a quote.  He did not.  Called and said he would come over Thursday with a quote.  He did not come that night either.  Another company “has been working” on a quote for two or three months.  Two other people have come and looked at the house and just have not gotten back to me at all.  I guess my home is pretty daunting project.
Took Limabn in for a check up.  For a 15 year old car, it runs and looks great!  I love that little VW!
Remember that back packs and school supplies will be given out on Sunday from 2-4 pm at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen.  There are no income guidelines and all students in the Southeastern School District are invited to participate.  Money for the project has been donated by villages, individuals, churches, businesses and we also got a Penny Power Grant.  There is still time to help if you like.  You can send a check to the church with “back pack project” in the subject line.
Hope you had a good week.
Scatter Kindness.
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