Plymouth Area News for the week of July 24th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

 Elaine Pittenger passed away on Monday.  She and her husband were long time figures in the Tennessee area and the Hills Grove Church.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.
Heard from Donna and Bob Ruggles this week.  Donna is still preaching in the Lutheran Church and her husband is in a nursing home in Richmond.  Bob is Rich Ruggles brother.  They stayed at my B&B many years ago.  It was good to hear from them.
When I get a chance, I like to wake up and watch the Today Show for a while.  An ad caught my attention this week.  It was about “money buying happiness”.  I perked up and tried to listen.  They said there were several things that made people more happy.  The first on the list was sending actual cards to people.  The second was having a good pillow and getting a good nights rest.  The third was to read.  The fourth was sports.  They felt that watching sports allowed one to live in the moment and not worry about the past or the future.  The last one was to get organized.  Toss out stuff you do not use.  As one looks at this list, none of them cost much! 
Look at number one.  I try to send cards when I remember to look at my calendar.  Think I will make more of an effort to do this now.  If it makes me happier and if the one receiving the card has a brighter day, it is certainly a win win situation.
I read constantly-good omen.  I just bought a new mattress.  I guess the one that I totally fail at is sports.  Have not been to a major league game for years.  Oh well one cannot be perfect can they.
Tuesday I was still unpacking from 3rd Sunday.  Also got 11 entries ready for the Hancock County Fair as entries had to be there by 8 pm.  Was a challenge to get everything done on time but what would life be without challenges.
Wednesday evening Ed Newton took me to the Hotel Nauvoo for dinner to celebrate my birthday which was today.  We had to go on Wednesday because that is when they serve ribs.  Saw Stan and Debbie Dixon and Kent and Dorothy Kipling there too.  Love the food at the Hotel.  Thank you Ed.
Thursday I went back to the fair and watched the tractor and truck pull.  The sled came loose from one of the trucks.  That could have been scary as the truck had a lot of forward momentum.  The driver got stopped before he hit the end of the track but was disqualified.
Friday there was an auction in Keokuk.  Drove right past it and stopped to ask where it was.  Turned around and found that it was in a building that I was familiar with as Mike Biaer had a dealership there at one point in time.  It was a really hot day.  Prices were strong for the most part but later in the afternoon was able to get some buys for the store.  Also bought a piece of pottery from What Cheer, Iowa.
Worked the store on Saturday and had a lot of customers in despite the heat.  Thanks to all who came in.
Sunday was my birthday.  Celebrated by going to church.  Then picked up my entries from the fair.  Had lunch at KD’s Coop, then a nap then off the sit on the banks of the Mississippi with a sandwich and some tea.  Celebrated with a heath Blizzard in chocolate ice cream at DQ.  Not a real exciting birthday but never the less a good one.  We all have so much to be thankful for.
So glad this week is to be cooler.  The humidity made it pretty difficult this past week.  Put up some shelves in the garage on Saturday night and was soaked with sweat even though it was after dark and I was in the garage which is cooler sometimes.  Have a good week.  Remember to keep hydrated yourself and put out plenty of water for your pets and the birds and other animals.  Scatter Kindness.
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