Plymouth Area News for the week of July 17, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Limabn headed to Springfield on Monday morning because I had a doctor’s appointment and needed  to make another one.  All went well except for getting somewhat off the beaten path and seeing a lot of residential neighborhoods which I really did not need to see.
Tuesday the family that used to own Buckboard Antiques in Hamilton stopped by the store and bought a lot of things.  Was good to see three of the family members.  Also started packing for 3rd Sunday Market Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday I received the news that a long time friend and fellow stoneware collector, Norma Sams, had passed away.  I will always remember that she and her husband, Jim, found a blue and white stoneware dog at 3rd Sunday Market in a both very near mine.  They got a dog worth $300 for $15 because the sellers had no idea of the worth of the dog.  Jim and Norma always came to 3rd Sunday and stopped by to say hi.  She will be missed.  She was a former Board member of the Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware and the secretary for the club when my husband was president of the club.
Pastor Connie Jenkins stopped by the store on Thursday.  Always good to see Connie.  She is  pastor of the Lorraine United Methodist Church.
A few weeks ago, I had new spot lights put out front of my home.  One went out the next night.  The electrician came back to trace down the problem.  Finally turned out to be in the wire going from my home to the garage.  The wiring was very old and when replaced, the lights and everything else seem to work just fine.  Glad the breaker tripped instead of causing a fire!! 
Mentioned on face book that I needed someone to paint my home.  People starting arriving before 8 am on Friday morning to make bids.  Thank you very much.  I met one couple who I really liked.  The lady was a former antique dealer from Rushville so we got along very well.  Have not made a final decision as yet because have not gotten bids from everyone as yet.  I think face book can be a very good source of information when used correctly.
John Jeslis from Rushville came back on Friday to pick up a bed he had purchased from Plymouth Rock earlier.  He also bought a round oak table while he was here with a truck.  Thank you John.  He had a pretty difficult week as he found one of his friends who had passed away.
Took off Saturday morning for Bloomington.  My van seems to know when we are going for a longer drive than normal and a low tire light comes on.  For the May show, I purchased a new tire.  This tire had been checked and nothing could be found wrong with it so we just put more air in it and I took off.  Made it to Bloomington and back without the low tire light coming back on.  Good grief.
Had dinner with friends while at 3rd Sunday.  Our group of four has expanded to a group of ten.  Always fun to meet and learn about new people.  Think I have mentioned that one of the couples wrote a book on Scales which was published by Shiffer Publishing of Pennsylvania and was a book I always carried at the store.  They have a very large booth of scales at the show not surprisingly.
My economic report from the last couple of shows seems to indicate that the economy is still not strong in Illinois.  Had hoped that the passing of a state budget would help. 
Hope you had a good week.  Again it is going to be very warm this coming week.  Please be careful in the heat and remember your pets too.  Keep out plenty of fresh water for them.  Think I will be mowing my yard in early mornings.  Scatter Kindness.
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