Plymouth Area News for the week of December 12th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Finally got all the furnaces checked for winter on Monday.  Takes a bit of time as I have two at the house and three at the stores.  It is always suggested that one have their heating mechanisms checked each year to be sure there are no cracks in them or problems with venting.  Also be sure you have a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector as fires and CO problems often happen in winter when we heat the most.
Tuesday I met Dr. Zang for the first time.  Dr. Reem retired and she took me over as a patient.  When I mentioned to her that both of my parents had Alzheimers, she asked me to draw a clock face and to remember 3 unrelated words.  As I have read quite a bit about Alzheimers, I know that being able to draw a clock face is one of the easiest ways to check for the disease.  You will be happy to know that I can still put the numbers in their proper place and make the hands point to the correct numbers.  By the way the three words were “sunset, chair and banana”.
Wednesday morning was fairly warm and as rain was predicted,  I got up relatively early and mowed leaves for the third and hopefully last time this year.  Also got the fish ponds covered but I am not sure there are any fish in them.  I put new fish in them all this year but did not see any fish this summer.  One has to keep fish in the ponds to keep the mosquitoes from breeding.
The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  Alex Ussery was not present for the meeting.  The meeting went very well and a bid was finally accepted to tear down the house at 300 West Maine.  That house was last known as the Knowles house.  Will be good to get one of the really dangerous houses  down and cleaned up.  The older trees on the property are to be saved.  Instead of food baskets, gift cards to Rhodes Market will be given this year.  I think that is a great idea as the families can then select the foods which they prefer for the Christmas season.
We had seven for Bible study again on Thursday morning.  Mimi Lawton make some great coffee cake for us to enjoy.  Harry sat on “his” chair and listened intently when not napping.  Finished getting the 20 signatures needed to run for the Board also on Thursday.  Got my Christmas letter written and rushed off to Walgreens to get my Christmas cards  made.  Always need help setting up the picture, selecting the card stock and getting it printed and the employees at Walgreens are always very helpful. 
Friday the Emmaus members in the area met at the First Baptist Church in Macomb.  There were several people from the Plymouth area in attendance.  Very nice program and good food as usual.
Saturday, Santa Claus visited Plymouth compliments of the Plymouth Old Settler’s Committee.
Headed to Brick Wall Pizza on Saturday evening.  Got my favorite bar be que bacon pizza.  Will remind you that the winters hours for Brick Wall are 4-9 pm Friday and Saturday and 4-8 pm on Sunday.  Know they opened up on Thursday to make pizzas for the mayors meeting in Plymouth so if you are having a gathering, call and you may be able to make arrangements to get pizza at special hours.
Sunday was church.  The message on “Mary’s Journey” was given by Kathy Holst.  It was a lovely service and all went together well.  Thank you Kathy.  Had lunch at KD’s Coop.  Really approve of them using the chicken logos as Plymouth Rock is also a chicken and that should help people think of Plymouth when they see chicken advertising.  Sunday was the time of remembrance for Goldie Wimsatt at the PCCC from 1-3 pm.  Met her daughter.  Again our sympathy to the family and friends.
Went from there to the Christmas Concert held at Southeastern High School.  Could not believe just how many students were involved in the program.  Let’s one know just how great a job the staff of Southeastern is doing.  There were vocal numbers from the 5th, 6th, Junior High and High School students as well as band numbers by each group.  I am not musical but have an idea just how much work goes into learning to play an instrument.  Congratulations on a job well done.
Think I hear a Christmas movie calling me so will close the news for this evening and wish you a good week before Christmas.  Scatter Kindness.
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