Plymouth Area News for the week of December 19th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Today, Sunday, Plymouth is in the deep freeze.  If we have to have these temperatures, this is the way to do it.  We had plenty of warning that it would get to 4 below zero last night, actually 7.7 degrees below according to my weather station.  We have also been told it will last two days.  I can deal with a lot of things if they only last two days!
On Monday I turned in my petition to run for the Plymouth Village Board.  Also baked a batch of cookies for the cookie and candy plates that Plymouth Women’s Circle gives to people in Plymouth and to people in nursing homes who are from Plymouth.
If you think there is no such thing as a miracle, you would be wrong.  Early Tuesday morning I got a call from the Illinois Department of Revenue.  These calls always have to do with your tax returns and how something does not match or is incorrect.  Imagine my surprise when the male voice on the other end of the line patiently explained to me that I had a credit and would I please use it.  I asked whether it was a credit for the antique store or the B&B and he said I had a 1.75 dollar credit for the B&B.  Wow, a credit!
Tuesday Kayla McCurdy covered the store so I could go to Quincy and stock up my mall booth at Sullivan’s Antiques and More.  Went to the Golden Corral for lunch.  So did Lee and Polly Ham, Bev and Jim Manley,  Steve Griswold and Tom Potter and that was just for the brief time period I was there.  Popular place when one is in Quincy.
Wednesday Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC.  We filled Christmas plates as mentioned and I even got three of mine delivered yet on Wednesday.  Got the rest out Thursday.   Hostesses for the evening were Carolyn Ussery, Wendi Mattson and Joyce Steiner.
Thursday we had eight for Bible study.  Mary Hohe was hostess.  Being “hostess” means you bring food.  That is very important.
On Friday I think I actually finished my Christmas cards and got the last of them in the mail.  I am one of the “dying breed” who still believe in sending an actual Christmas card.  One can include a note to let the recipient know what has gone on during the past year.  If you want brownie points, I also love receiving Christmas cards with letters or notes in them and am disappointed if they are just signed or worse yet, not even signed.  Got the light fixed in my lighted Christmas bear in the gazebo so he now can be seen.  Also had two couples on Friday evening-one couple was from West Chicago and were here for their son’s graduation, the other couple was local and were interested in learning about the B&B business.  Lovely people.
On Saturday, I fixed breakfast and one couple left for graduation.  The other couple wanted to visit the antique store.  They were my only customers on Saturday due to the ice and cold so I closed at 2:30 pm.  Moved Victoria and Victor into their winter quarters, put a new green light in the cupola, did several loads of sheets and fed the birds and squirrels.
Sunday morning  Living Faith cancelled church.  I think that was very smart.  I walked up town to feed my stray kitties and as I was walking near the tavern, found myself laying on the ice.  The ice is really hazardous.  It is even hard to get up if you are just on ice but I made it up by getting off the walk and into some snow.  We always hope no one saw us that is unless we can’t get up.  Walked to KD’s Coop for lunch with no further mishap.
Do hope you had a good week.  By the time you read this, the ice will be gone but if we get more, be very careful getting out.
“Do good, do no harm, stay in love with God.”  John Wesley would be proud.  Scatter Kindness.
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