Plymouth Area News for the week of Jan. 2nd, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

First off I would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year.  Also hope you had a good Christmas.  It has been a busy week for all of us.
A week ago I figured out that I had new neighbors so went over and introduced myself.  Found that two gentlemen from Louisiana  were renting the house next door and were working in Weaver, Iowa where the big fertilizer plant is being built.  Decided it would be the neighborly thing to do to take them some Christmas cookies, so got a couple of plates from the PCCC and hung them on their door handle with a Christmas wish.  Noticed a couple of days later that they were still on the door handle.  The guys must have moved out the day I left the cookies!  Anyway I tried to be a good neighbor.  Now someone else has moved in.
The ice we had was some of the worst I remember.  I am pretty careful yet found myself laying flat on the ice three times.  Have a really colorful bruise but otherwise not much damage.  Hope no one had a really bad fall.
Stopped by the Augusta elevator and made my squirrels and birds very happy.  The squirrels are enjoying roasted peanuts and oil sunflower.  Jeff told me I could eat the peanuts  so tried some.  They are really good. 
There was a note in the Hancock paper that Rosella Moormann will celebrate her 92nd birthday on Jan 6.  If you would like to send her a card, her address is Hwy 54 and 1st Street,  Hermitage, MO 65668.  Sure she would appreciate it.
Think I may have invented another pie.  I love gooseberry and rhubarb pie and they are both sour fruit and so are cranberries so I made the same pie using cranberries instead of gooseberries.  The filling does not need quite as much flour as the gooseberries are juicier than the cranberries. 
Ed Newton and I always spend Christmas Eve with Dot Burdett.  We decided to eat lunch/dinner in Macomb and called HyVee to make sure their kitchen was going to be open on Christmas Eve. They indicated that the kitchen would be open until 4 pm but when we got there at 3:30 there was no food in the food cases.  A very kind gentleman apologized and said he had just taken baked chicken off the food bar and he would be happy to fix us meals without cost.  If I was not already a customer, that act of kindness would have made me one.  Anyway after we ate, went to see Dot at Heartland and took her some gifts.
As Christmas was on Sunday, and as I cook dinner on Christmas for the family, backed lunch back until 2:00 pm so I could attend church.  Worked out pretty well.  Our family decided on one $10 gift per person this year so each person brought one gift and we drew numbers to determine who got which gift.  Worked out very well and took a lot of stress out of Christmas as well as not having the paper mess to clean up etc. The whole family liked the idea so we will continue that in the future. 
I have quite a few records at the store and always like to play some of my oldies.  Tuesday, I found that my rather new record, tape, CD player would not turn on to play records so I got out another turn table which I had.  It played one record and it died too.  Not sure just what the problem is but I know that if one buys a combination player at auction, that normally the record player does not work.
I have an upright freezer in the kitchen.  It was about 20 years old and was almond in color.  Each shelf had a unit and I noted that one of the shelves had no frost so I knew that unit was not working.  A couple of other shelves were starting to lose their frost too so I went to Macomb to buy a freezer.  Of course my whole kitchen is done in “almond or biscuit” and they do not make that color any more so now I have a white freezer in my kitchen.
We had nine for Bible study on Thursday morning.  We have one more lesson in the Christmas series.  Will be as good after Christmas as before.  The title of this study is “Journey to Bethlehem” and Pat Phelps is leading the discussion.
After church today, I went to see the new Star Wars movie.  It was good but it is difficult to remember all the plot as they have been made so many years apart.  Lots of action and an almost love story.
Just went to the bathroom and noted that my foot was wet.  Got a rag to clean up the water and found that I could not clean up the water as it kept coming from a water line.  Went to the basement and found more water so shut off the water to the house and called the plumber.  Why do these things seem to happen on a holiday?  Anyway have a plumber coming first thing in the morning to access the situation.  Yuk!  At least is is not a huge leak.  Happy way to begin 2017!
Hope your holidays were Merry and Bright!  Scatter Kindness.
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