Plymouth Area News for the week of December 23rd, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Snow- check, almost gone- check, Christmas cards in the mail- check, house decorated-check, yard decorated-check, pots in front of store decorated-check, Christmas minor miracle-check.  Thursday I had a gentleman in the store from Keokuk.  When he went to put his purchases in his car, it was locked.  Evidentially his keys were still in the car.  He came back in to ask about AAA and I suggested Ralph’s service just north of me on the Square.  Another customer in the store heard the conversation and said he had tools in his car.  He was from LaHarpe and has a towing service.  Because he had just had to unlock his daughter’s car, he still had his tools with him.  Said that normally he did not have the unlocking tools with him.  Anyway he was able to help out the first customer and get him on his way.  What are the chances of having a person who needs to have a car unlocked and a person with the ability to unlock it, in the store on the same day and time.  Some would call it luck, some good Carma.  I think there may have been a small Christmas blessing involved.

I had a very large soft maple just south of my  house.  It just kept growing and was about to invade the garage’s space.  It shaded the grass and flowers in my yard.  It also provided lovely shade and a place for birds and squirrels to rest and have fun.  With a heavy heart, I had it cut when Knight’s cut the catalpa tree for the solar panels.  I now have a squirrel feeding station, a bird, squirrel and occasional kitty water station, a bird suet feeding station and a roost for a giant metal chicken on its trunk.  Recall that my store and B&B names begin with begin with “Plymouth Rock” and that a Plymouth Rock is a breed of chicken.  All in all, I think though most of  the tree came down, that it might be pleased to have become a place for wild critters to eat, drink and enjoy.

Wednesday is Christmas.  The day we celebrate the birth of our Lord.  A day that gives us hope.  Christmas is a happy time for most.  Store owners are happy.  Churches are fuller than normal.  Families get together.  We enjoy the day with friends and family and great food.  Our homes and towns are decorated and there is in general “Good will toward men”.   As we grow older, we lose family and loved ones.  We may not have all the things we need like sufficient food, clothing, a car to get to work or even work to get to.  Life can be pretty stressful.  Christmas gives us Hope.  Hope for better things to come.  A new year, a new job, healing, new babies, better crops, new friends and more.  A new year may also bring things that are not so good like loss or illness.  But if we have faith, we still have Hope.  May this Christmas season find your life filled with the Joy of welcoming the Christ child into your home.  May you be kind to your neighbors, may you spread Joy instead of complaining and peace instead of hatred.  May you find Peace and real Joy in the New Year and may God continue to bless you and our country.  Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to each of you.


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