Plymouth Area News for the week of December 16th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


If there is a perfect snow, it is falling as I write.  The snow started about noon in Augusta and it is still falling at 9 pm.  There is no ice under it, there is no wind, it is not blowing.  It is covering all the browns and blacks of winter and making everything pure and white.

The Royal Family got moved to their winter home because of the cold and snow.  They are now snug in their winter quarters which is larger and warmer than their garden shed.  They checked it out and then settled into eating and looking  out their beds on the high shelf where they can feel safe.  May you have a safe winter place too.

Congratulations to Dale and Marsha Kelly who celebrated 50 years of marriage this weekend.

Thanks to their cousin who flew in from Arizona for the celebration and who stayed at my B&B.  She is such a sweet lady.

Mondays I now take off from the store to try to get some things done.  Last Monday had an eye appointment with a new doctor since Dr. Culver retired.  Very pleased with her.  She came very highly recommended by all those at Gentry Motor Co.  As the appointment was early, I decided to also go to Quincy to stock the antique mall and pay rent.  Glad I did as tomorrow does not look like at good day to travel to Quincy.  Always hit the Golden Corral when I go to Quincy and found Dennis Hillard there so had lunch with him.  Got everything done which was great.

Have mentioned that my application for solar panels has been approved so have to take down a tree.  Knight’s Tree Service got most of the tree down on Tuesday.  Also planning to take down a huge soft maple that I should not have let grow.  It loses branches easily and shades a lot of flowers.  Plan to leave enough of it so that I can still put bird feeders and a water pan on it.  Will miss the tree but my garage will not have to live in fear of wind storms if I take it down.

As Plymouth Women’s Circle fixes boxes of cookies and candy for some Plymouth residents, I baked cookies on Tuesday evening.  They were healthy because they contained oatmeal and chocolate!

Wednesday, Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC.  Haley Dixon and Joyce Steiner were hostesses.  We filled over 50 plates of cookies and candy.  Spent Friday morning delivering cookies to nine people in town.  Fun to see people for a few minutes while delivering.  Also covered the fish ponds on Wednesday.  Today’s snow makes it look like that was a good idea.  Hopefully the fish will live through the winter.  Have found one dead fish and frog so am not too sure.  The walnut tree drops walnuts and leaves into the ponds and they make he water dark and smelly.  And to think I planted that walnut tree too.  One should have a plan before planting trees but at that time I did not know I would add fish ponds.

Thursday evening, I was at the store until 7:30.  It was wonderful.  The customers did not bring a big enough vehicle so they are going to have to come back for furniture which they bought.  Could not have planned it better if I had tried!

Have also been writing Christmas cards.  I try to remember special people at Christmas.  I love getting cards so hope they feel the same.  Still have quite a few to get in the mail but am doing pretty good since it is still over a week until Christmas.

Saturday I went to an auction.  There was stoneware in one room and sporting goods in the other.  Better crowd for the guns and sporting goods but the stoneware was also on Proxi Bid so it was selling well.  Had been invited to a Christmas party beginning around 1 pm so decided to leave the auction and go to the party.  Being with friends is more important than one more crock or jug even if it is a good one.  Did get a batch of churn lids for the store and a few other pieces however.

Am really enjoying the Hallmark Christmas movies.  If life could just be more like the movies- always  with a happy ending.

May you enjoy the snow.  May you not have to drive on it or if you do, may you be safe.  Hope you find just the right present for everyone and remember that that present might just be a smile or a hug.  Pray for those who have lost loved ones and for restored health for those who are facing health issues.  And remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  May you find peace and joy in your stocking.

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