Plymouth Area News for the week of December 9th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Just a reminder that Santa will be visiting children in Plymouth on Saturday, December 14th beginning at 10 am at the legion building on the west side of the Plymouth Square.  There will be treats for everyone attending and a gift for each child from toddler to 4th grade.  There will be an opportunity for photos so bring those cameras and phones.  Santa was invited to visit Plymouth by the Old Settler’s committee.

Lisa Ann Swisegood passed away in Texas on November 28th.  She was the daughter of Dave Swisegood and was a nurse.

Marla Roberts Oliveri passed away on November 1st.  She was Marcy Hopping’s sister and step sister to Linda Bradshaw.  There will be a celebration of her life on Sunday, December 15th at the PCCC starting at 2 pm.

Eldon Hare passed December 4th.  He taught physics at Western Illinois University.

Our sympathy to all these families and friends.  Too many losses.

The church council of Living Faith UMC met on Monday evening at the church.  The solar panels are all in place.  Exciting to see the progress for the church.  Talked to Tom Ohnemus today while he was working on the installation.  Things seem to be going well.

On Tuesday Monte Pryor came to the antique store to do some Christmas shopping.  All will remember the great work he and Lisa did on the Lucie house just north of Augusta.  Also had missionaries from Nauvoo in on Tuesday.

Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  Everyone is working together for the betterment  of the Village.  That is very good to see.  There was discussion concerning a new computer and equipment for the police car.  Presently Plymouth does not have an attorney present at the meeting but instead on the phone line.  Seems less than an ideal situation.  There was also a presentation by Bylinda Allen concerning HCED.  This organization is working very hard to bring new business to Hancock County and to keep those which we have.  More can be accomplished by working together rather than separately.

My guests from India returned on Thursday evening.  They did not get a deer this time.  Good to see them again.  We talked a lot about life in India and some of the similar problems that both our countries are trying to deal with.  I tried a bite of their venison and they tried my blue jello!

On Friday evening Donna Harrison, Glenadene Webster, Shelly Ramsey and I attended the Nutcracker ballet at the Legacy Theater in Carthage.  One had to read the story in the program to follow the action.  The costumes were beautiful.  There were a lot of local children in the production.  So nice for them to get to work with a professional troupe and be a part of such a famous production.

Saturday the American Legion sponsored a soup and sandwich supper at the Legion hall from 4- 7 pm.  Rather than one big rush, it seemed that people just kept coming.  I think  they pretty much ran out of food.  It is good to support our local organizations.  Thank you.

Worked on my Christmas letter last evening.  Afraid I had to revert to my teacherly ways.  I am just saddened by all the hatefulness spewed on face book and though I may not be able to do anything about it other then unfriend certain people, I think we should let people know that their  hatefulness is very hurtful to others.  Got my Christmas cards made today largely thanks to a lovely, helpful person at Walgreens.  Now all I need to do is put those cards and letters together and write notes on them and get them in the mail!  No small task as I send out a lot of cards.  Lets me think of those people I really appreciate who are a part of my life.

Hope you are thinking about Christmas and the celebration of our lord’s birth.  Remember to be kind to those you meet this week-you have no idea what problems they may be dealing with.


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