Plymouth Area News for the week of December 31st by Joyce Steiner

Have really enjoyed seeing a lot of eagles lately.  I mentioned an eagle  family meeting in a circle west of Plymouth on the north side of the road.  Today there was one mature eagle there enjoying lunch on a less fortunate animal.  Also saw two adults and three youngsters.

Plymouth had a special village board meeting on December 10th as the required audit had not been done.  Because the audit had not been done, Plymouth could not apply for any grants.  In the past, we have gotten several housing grants and a long time ago, we got a sewer grant.  The village hired a firm from Quincy to complete the audit and straighten out our books.  They will also do the treasurer’s job for a limited time.  I believe there are four people running for Village Trustee.  Gary Hurt has been on the Board in the past and is running as is Curtis Baldwin who regularly attends Board meetings.  It is my understanding that a couple who recently moved to Plymouth and who have never attended a Board meeting are also running.  We need good Board members that will work for the good of all Plymouth residents.  Vote wisely.

We had 6 for Bible study last week.  We did not meet this week.  Mary Ruth Phillips brought pumpkin cake.  Thank you Mary Ruth.

Richard Dixon passed away on Christmas Eve.  He was Haley Dixon’s grand father and Stan Dixon’s father.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Got word this morning that Forrest White, who formerly lived in Plymouth, passed away on the 28th.  They lived in a house on the north side of West  Main Street which has been torn down.

Attended the auction of an antique store in Macomb on the 22nd.  The home which housed the store was the former Sargant Funeral Home.  The building must be torn down so that the soil can be cleaned up.  That is so sad as there is really a lot of beautiful oak trim in the home.  It is my understanding that the business will move to a farm north of Macomb.

The Christmas Eve service at Living Faith was really wonderful.  I only saw three empty seats in the whole church.  With so many people singing, the music was wonderful.  If you do not have a church home, please join us at 10 am on Sunday morning.  We have a great pastor and a lot of small children.

The Steiner family celebrates Christmas at my home.  We are few in number as the whole generation before me have passed as well as my  only brother, my husband and my two first cousins.  Learned that my other cousin has been seriously ill and they were not able to attend.  We had a good day.  Were joined by a friend from church also.  We have a small gift exchange and that is always fun.  Got some cute kitty socks!

Had a family in the antique store this week who had just moved back to Illinois from Florida.  They were very happy to be back in Illinois.  I have mentioned before that I am very happy to live here too.  We do need to get all the residents of Plymouth going in the same direction and working together for the good of our small town.  Just yesterday, I opened my tailgate and pulled a china cupboard out of the van, while I was doing that a pickup pulled in and the gentleman said it looked like I could use help.  He then helped me get the cupboard into the store.  Thank You!

Had a B&B guest on Thursday.  Found that she is also Methodist and that we knew several of the same people and that she too has attended the Methodist Church Conference in Peoria.

Friday evening, I went to Macomb to get some groceries and eat.  Found several friends at the restaurant and joined one couple as seats were at a premium and I did not want to take up a whole table as they had several waiting.  Good conversation and food.  Thank You.  Had lunch with my sister in law today and then went to a movie.  Mary Poppins is in Macomb and there has been a lot of hype about it.  I thought I had seen the original but now I think not.

By the time you read this, it will be a New Year.  I hope that each of you has a happy and healthy New Year.  Being grateful often goes a long way toward making one happy.  Scatter Kindness.

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