Plymouth Area News for the week of December 3rd, 2018 by Joyce Steiner


Will begin by telling you that we are going to try something new.  There will be an “Antique and Restaurant Run” in Hancock County.  It will be from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, December 15th.  There are several restaurants and shops participating.  There will be a color ad in the Hancock and Lee County Shopper and I think the Hancock County Journal Pilot.  Look for the ad and come to Plymouth to KD’s Coop and Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Everyone will be having specials and I might even find some cookies or candy to serve.  Plymouth Rock has been open for 35 years.  If you have not been to the antique store, it is time you stopped in!

Monday was an ugly day.  We had rain, ice and then snow on top of all that.  Hope you were able to stay indoors.  Some wonderful person cleaned my drive way.  Thank You.

My Miami hunters left at 2 am on Tuesday.  I know they made it safely home as I texted Marcell.  Could not have been a good trip to St Louis to the airport.

Friends were on the road very early on Monday.  They said there were cars off the road because of the weather.  Sadly it turns out that one of those cars belonged to John Schauble.  He left the car without phone, coat or hat.  They found his body on Tuesday.  The Schauble family lived a couple of miles south of us when we were growing up.  So sorry to hear the sad news.

Got the bird feeders filled after the snow and had a lot of feathered friends using them.  If you have not put out your squirrel and bird feeders, it is time to do so.  Put out corn and oil sunflowers for the squirrels and mixed seed and sun flowers for the birds.  Have not gotten any niger yet for the finches.

Jennie Castlebury  from Carthage stopped by the store on Thursday.  It was so good to see her.  Three of us called ourselves sisters because people were always asking me if I was a sister to Jennie and Georgette Engler from Peoria.  Bruce Morton also stopped by.

Had a floor model record player at the store that I was using as furniture.  Got a call on Thursday to see if I had one, so sold it.  Not aa lot of call for floor model record players though I loved them and the great sound which they had.

Went to Macomb Thursday to get some groceries.  I had no idea that the Romain lettuce problem was going to destroy my chances of buying spring mix lettuce.  As I normally eat a box of spring mix a week with tomatoes, onions, feta and Chinese noodles, I am having to find new green vegetables.

Went to the Ufkes Auction on Saturday.  It was held at the Carthage Extension Center.  They were selling the personal property of Leroy and Joanne Ufkes and Virginia Metzger.  Since a group of us purchased the Metzger home, and since I own the other Metzger properties, I wanted many of Virginia’s things to keep in either her or my home.  Got a lot of marked family items.  Also learned that Virginia painted and got a painting which she had done as well as a sketch pad of hers and two Stella Lawton Smith paintings.

The Plymouth American Legion sponsored a sandwich and soup supper on Saturday evening.  The soup and maid rights were great.  It is very important that we all try to support the local fund raisers in our community.  Hope you were there too.  Enjoyed being with friends from church and high school.  Thanks to all who supported the dinner.

Hope we miss some of the bad weather which is predicted for us this week.  Stay safe.  Scatter Kindness to people, pets, birds and animals.

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